Monday, 27 October 2014

Struggling Being A College Momma.

Well, that was a fail! 
The start of summer I told myself to blog more & do so much more things in my life..
And no. I didn't do one thing that I wanted.

It's been.. 3/4 months since I've blogged (OOPS!)
I honestly forget to blog, or I'm just too busy.

But anyway.
Im currently in 3rd year in college (I know, I didn't think I would be a 3rd year LOL!)
It's the last year of my course, which means


And with being a full-time college momma, It's very hard to find time to myself!
When i'm at home, I'm constantly thinking of what I've to do for college the next day or next week.
And when I'm in college, All I want to do is go home & see my little pumpkin! (SADFACE!)

With Kayden being 2, He's starting to notice that I'm going more often & it kills me.
But I do get a BIG hello when i come back!

It's crazy to think that, this time next year, I could be graduating.. and have a degree as a graphic designer!!!

I'm trying to work my butt off with all the briefs, but it can be exhausting. I literally have about 4 weeks to get 5 briefs done. :( 
which includes a draft of a dissertation.... YIKES!

And I'm here, blogging LOL!

I'm not sure what I am going to do when college is over, it's kinda like my safety net! 

There is an add-on year.. but honestly the thoughts of another year in college!!!
But, i'll see when the time comes.

My weekday routine is basically;
Wake up at an annoyingly early hour (Still dark outside)
Make my face look half decent.. Especially when I'm up at all hours.
Wake Kayden up, & get him changed and dressed.
Drop him off to be minded.
Go to college for the day.
Come home, pick up Kayden.
Make dinner (If I'm not tired enough..)
Give Kayden a bath, and dressed for bed.
Give Kayden his Supper..
& put him to bed.
And thats when I put myself to bed.

And I repeat that the next day. Its exhausting!
but there is time where he stays in his daddy's house.. which can help but I'm still exhausted!

And with ALL that, I try and get as much college work as I can, to try and be ahead of things.. but at the moment... Im WAY behind LOL!

It's hard to blog, look after a crazy toddler and be a college student all at once.
When I do get time to myself, I really do make the most of it and do 
NOTHING!! lol.

But yeah, thats basically me right now.
I'm either tired, cranky, stressed or happy.
but it will be all worth it in the end.
fingers crossed!!!

Thanks for reading
Aisling xo