Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Very Belated Christmas Post. KAYDENS CHRISTMAS!

Talk about being away for a while..

Oops! I haven't blogged in months. :(

Anyways, As i did this last year i thought i would continue the tradition of filming Kayden's Christmas.

This year, Kayden was totally into Santa. Noticing Santa on TV, seeing him on houses etc.
It was the first Christmas that he was actually noticing what christmas was about, and i of course was so overjoyed about this. It was such a new experience with Kayden wanting to talk to santa and look at the elves.

He wasn't quite fond of meeting Santa himself, Myself and Kayden were christmas shopping in Athlone, and Santa was doing his visits. I of course took up the opportunity to bring Kayden to meet him. Did he want to? NO! Ugh. So disappointed :( I didn't get my santa picture this year because he was so scared, and the fact he actually was screaming NOOOO, i couldn't just drag him and have that one embarrassing picture! :(

But, i reassured him that Santa would be there next year if he maybe wanted to meet him then. (FINGERS CROSSED)

So then came Christmas Eve. I swear, I was more excited then some of the kids! I was a child myself waiting for his reaction the next morning.
We left Santa milk and cookie (Yet he wasn't impressed Santa was taking his milk LOL)
He wrote his letter to santa and signed it, then off to bed he went.

Half 9 the next morning.... No sign of him! We had to WAKE him up at 10 and by half 10 he was awake enough to see what santa got him!!

EEEKKKK! you should of seen my face, i was so excited!!

So we opened the door... and he walks in...


It was amazing to see his little face light up, and to experience his excitement that he got presents from santa!

we spend the morning opening presents, and Pietro prepared the christmas dinner (YUM!) I've bagged myself a chef ;)

We then headed of to my grandparents for the evening to exchange more presents and to see everyone that was visiting swell.

Heres some pictures of the morning.
Ive never been so grateful!

(YES, this was the mess after opening presents haha. Can you find Kayden? LOL)

Overall, It was a fantastic day! And i can't wait for next year!!

Thanks for reading :) Hope Christmas was a good one!

Aisling xo