Sunday, 1 June 2014


Hey Guys!

So I'm going to switch it up a little & do a favourites blog!

As we are in June now, What better way to start June is with a May favourites!
I'be picked up a quite a lot of products in may, and I've feel in love with a lot of products!
So lets get started!

Number 1: Batiste Dry Shampoo - XXL Volume! Oh my goodness, i'm a big fan of dry shampoo anyways but this is the first time I tried XXL! Love it, especially when i put it in my hair at night time (Day 1/Day 2 Hair) and the next morning your hair is so big and has so much volume (It does what it says on the tin) Loving it! & hey, Who's momma has time for a shower every day!? Perfect for them days when you don't have time to wash your hair! 

    Number 2: Tangle Teezer - Now, I've heard so much about these but just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a hair brush? but on a trip to manchester I went and spent the money.. and my god  where has it been all my life??? I teeze my hair quite a lot, maybe even every day. & this brush is just a wiz at getting those knots out! honestly has saved so much time in brushing my hair! Such a great         purchase and well worth the money!!

Number 3: Revlon Colourstay 24hour - Ive heard good things about revlon so i thought i would give there foundation a try! It was on offer in boots for 13euro i think so i got the colour in nude.
The first time i wore this foundation was on a dry day but not that much sun nor heat and honestly it stayed put all day, the colour was perfect for my tan (I self-tan) i personally think its a dupe to mac, as I'm a fan of Mac studio fix but can't afford it that often, I'm also on the look out for a good foundation. and I've finally found it! YAY! Im in love and it will definitely stay in my makeup bag! 

Number 4: Zoeva makeup brushes - I can across this brand a while back but didn't have the money, so when i did i went ahead and brought "Luxe Sheer Cheek/127" & "Luxe Highlight/105" I also brought some eye makeup brushes but I'm truly in love with the blush brush and highlight! they are so soft & great at holding the product and really good to blend with! Probably my fav brush brand other than real techniques! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Number 5: No7 Beautiful Skin, Quick Thinking Wipes - My sister actually introduced me to this product. & i thank her for it. It makes taking of your makeup so much easier and faster! and they are quite soft and gentle to touch which is great for your skin. Even takes my waterproof eyeliner off which is a major plus! Id use one wipe for all my makeup and then go in which my cleanser and toner! It suits all skin types which is great also!

Number 6: Soap & Glory - I've three thing i want to mention.

  • Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel - Im all about moisturised skin this summer so when i came across this, i thought it would be perfect! It has built in lotion and a gorgeous sweet summery smell! 

  • Pulp Friction, Foamy Fruity Body Scrumb - I wanted to try this as i am self-tanning and wanted to exfoliate my skin, so i purchased this product! its great, i love it. The beads are rough but i honestly think it works magic! it also foams which makes it easier to rub into your skin! also it has a gorgeous smell which is just fab!

  • Last but least. Soap & Glory Butter yourself. I Heard this of Zoella, a you tuber. so i went out and purchased this! IM IN LOVE! the smell, the butteriness.. everything about this buttercream is just wow! it leaves my skin so smooth and gorge for summer! its great on crack skin such as elbows and heels! its honestly the best body cream I've tried! there is a slight smell which isn't too strong but you can still notice it! Love it!

Thanks for Reading :)
Aisling xo


Amy Loonam said...

Soap & Glory is the shit :) x