Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hey Guys!

I'm Back!! :)

It's been such a long time since I blogged last. 
I got caught up with college a lot this semester! between all the briefs - we didn't really get a break.

But since we are coming to the end of this semester of college, I'm now heading into my Summer Break :) YAY!!
I'm currently on a two week easter break, I then have four days to prep my end of year portfolio, and submit it.. and then its the waiting game for the results :( !!

I must say, college this semester has been stressful! It's been hard for personal reasons, I've had a major change and still adjusting. But hopefully by september everything will get back to normal!

The college briefs this semester have actually been fun. ALOT OF HARD WORK, but the end result is great!

I've made my first animation (Not as good as i hoped) 
no excuses but that its done!

I designed an App (Not published on android, just did the design.)

and a few small others that were group work and project design.

My Animation was close to my heart! (Soppy Aisling)
As soon as they mentioned it to us, i knew straight away what i wanted to do.
I had different ideas how to make it but as soon as i went at it, it got harder to make!

So, I painted. I painted every single little thing in the animation and my god i was sick of it!
And then, I had to photograph (while Kayden was running around at some point)

The animation is based of the circle of life. The mother is singing the song to her child as he grows up, he leaves to live his life and returns with his own child, the mother, now a grandmother then sings to the newborn.

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo