Friday, 2 May 2014


Hey Guys!

So it's official, after next tuesday (an exam) I'm officially on SUMMER!

I'm done and finished second year, to my surprise it went so fast i can't even remember what i did!
I've four months off until I'm in my final year, and these four months will fly by :(

So, I want to make the most of it.. That i'm PLANNING! Omg!

(Now, i do not plan! I've never been good at it, or it never goes my way!)

This Summer it will just be Kayden & I, and a toddler can get so bored and grumpy and hate being stuck inside - abit what Kayden is like at the moment ;) So i want him to enjoy this break as he is older and he's way more active than last year.

I'm blogging this whole planning experience so that i know myself what i have planned and what i have succeeded while planning (If that makes sense)

(Right.. to the point Aisling!!!)

This summer, I do not want to lounge around and do the same thing every day! I want to make the most of the time i have off college and with my little boy!

So, I'm going to list a few thing i want to achieve this summer.
  • I want to blog more. (Toddler reviews, outings, ootd, week in pictures, random things that I've always wanting to blog)
  • To do more crafts with kayden. I would love to do videos on how to make things. Toddler crafts, baby crafts, gift ideas etc. Maybe put them on youtube... MAYBE!
  • Have more daily outings with kayden. I don't drive so it will be hard to go far away (Unless Pietro is off and we go as a family) but more walks and discoveries for kayden!
  • Maybe vlog a few things. Now i know! some people don't see the point in vlogging or uploading videos to youtube. But I'm a momma, and i love taking pictures and videos! Just to have them as a keepsake.. I would love if kayden could look back and see what he was like.. they way he acted.. what he wore (Like boys care..) but its for me. not anybody else!!
  • SEW! I want to get crafty and make things for myself, Kayden or even gifts! I've a relation who is due a baby and i would love to be able to sew a blanket or make something for the baby to keep! 
  • This theory test has always been at the back of my mind.. or people keep reminding me about it (Pietro) but i should really do it, do thats my plan! Pass the theory test and get on the road! 
And.. I think thats it! If i have more goals/plans etc i will note them!
I really do hope i can do this. Some motivation is really needed!

Thanks for reading
Aisling xo