Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Review & Weaning Off Formula.

Hey Guys!
So in my last blog I mentioned I purchased Amber Beads for Kayden.
It's been about about a week or that!

Well, first of all, I'm actually loving them on Kayden. He looks Super Cute! he has that surfer baby going on!! LOL!

I'm not sure if I have noticed a big different in his teething, he still isn't sleeping through the night!
But during the day he is much happier and full of life when he is wearing them, he teeth are still annoying him, poor baby! 
But the good thing is that I haven't been used pain killers until night-time!

His tooth has broken through fully, I haven't noticed the other tooth as he wont let me near his mouth to check, thats usually when i know he is teething. he will eat fine but as soon as you put your finger to his mouth, he wont let you!

But yeah, So far so good!! I'm loving the style and i'd say i will actually know if they are helping or not :)

So, Myself & Pietro have decided that it's time to wean Kayden off formula fully. He loves his bottles, and his formula but he also gets full fat cows milk as well and i've noticed he will drink it better at night.

We have one tub of formula left and its nearly empty so thats when we are going to stop, we are not stopping cold-turkey.
We have been weaning him off for a few months now, we started weaning when he turned one.

First we started taking a scoop of formula out of the actually bottle so say it was 8oz water, we would put 7 scoops of formula... and so on...
Right now we are at 8oz water and only one scoop. sometimes more if i feel like he needs it.

So right now he only gets his bottles at night time. currently two bottles and he usually drinks one during his sleep (Dream Feed).

He gets juice, water and milk during the day.
Its going great so far.
When he is completely weaned i want him to be started on almond milk, i've heard good things about this milk for toddlers so hopefully it agrees with him and it goes well!!

Thanks for Reading!
Aisling xo