Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween Design Party!!

Hey Guys!
It's Nearly Halloween!! YAY!
As any artist/designer knows... it's dress up time!!!

So, as every year, the design department in college have a design party, where everyone dresses up and goes on a big session!
Last year was a little bit of a fail, so this year we were expecting high hopes.

And, everyone that was in the making of the party pulled it off! it was a success.
Everyone dressed up, some scary, funny, casual etc.

It was touch and go with myself going to the party, about half an hour before hand i made the last decision to go, Which meant... half an hour to do makeup and props.. AHHH!!
I decided to go as a "Doll" i went as one before and it was the easy way out of it, but didn't have much planned! I rushed & rushed.. and finally got everything together and it was time to leave..

As living in Tullamore and having to travel to Athlone.. It was hurry, hurry, hurry.

When I arrived, Our class all gathered at our friend's apartment, We had pre-drinks, laughs and gossips and then headed to the main party.

The pictures taken on the night was hideous, so please excuse the messiness! LOL
The picture above is myself & a good friend. Her costume was amazing, she went as a pin-up girl, which a bullet hole in her head.. her slogan for the night was "This bullet-hole was where i was pinned up..." Lol. 

The party was held in Charlie Browns. A pub across from A.I.T!
The crowds were amazing, and everyone was very sociable..

After we heading to town.. where the rest of the night was deadly.
If i could do it again, i would prepare my costume so much better, everyone looked amazing!

I honestly cant wait for next year's design party!
Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo