Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sick Baby & Intro To Amber Beads!

Hey Guys!
Sorry haven't been able to blog in a while. Kayden was teething and has been a hectic week between college and a sick baby!

Kayden currently has four teeth. Two on bottom and two on top. 
In all fairness to him, he didn't struggle with the first four. he literally didn't have a good night sleep and BAM.. two teeth broken through, and the same for the next two!!

He then had a break from teething for a good few months!
But the last month has been tough for him!! he had an infected eye and was on antibiotic, literally came on over night. i didn't put it down to teething at all because he was sleeping all night!

Then for the past two weeks, he hasn't been sleeping all night. I put it down to his teeth But they just seemed like they weren't coming up!!
But, one night (the night i was out in Athlone for my birthday) he didnt sleep at all, screaming with pain!!
So went to the doctor and he had an ear infection :( !!
Another dose of antibiotic! 
then all of a sudden a tooth broke through (HURRAY!) 

I've been checking every day for the other tooth and today i think i found it but its just about to break through the gums :(

Now, with that in mind. i've heard a lot about "Amber Beads" 
so of course i did my research as every momma does.
To my surprise it had good feedback.

But of course it had the bad things... chocking, breaking etc etc.

I ordered them anyway, it took two days.
the only bad thing in ordering them was that i thought they were all girly!! i couldnt find a boy one. so i ordered the "mixed"

To my surprise it actually fitted good, it was long enough to tuck under his t-shirt. but short enough that he couldn't get it into his mouth, and he barely noticed it all day (which is a bonus!!!) 

I take them off for naps and bedtime, and i've told my family if they see him fiddling with them to tuck them under his t-shirt and distract him with something else LOL!

The amber beads are meant to release some sort of remedy that helps with teething and the bad things with teething such as red cheeks, infections, bad nappies, rashes etc.

Usually he would get cranky and moody and i would notice a lot of chewing, but today, he was a little moody but wasn't chewing on much and i didnt have to give him calpol or any other pain killers.

So, its good so far, but I'll give a proper review in a week or so!!

College this week has been a disaster lol! 
Back to being behind but i know a good week while make me catch up again!
New brief is that we have to design a T-shirt, but haven't been in all week so il find out tomorrow what i've missed. Uh-Oh lol!

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo