Sunday, 3 November 2013

Baby's First Shoes!!

Hey Guys!

As most of you know, Kayden has been walking for about a month or two now.
(I wouldn't say walking... mostly running!!!)

I've been putting off getting him 'Proper' shoes for a while, as i just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on shoes that will only last him like 6-8weeks!!
He does wear shoes, But mostly Vans or Converse.. Which are the ones i usually wear LOL!

Now I know Vans and Converse are pricey too, but I seriously love the style! especially on Kayden! He looks like such a cool dude!

So, On Thursday, I decided he needed to get proper shoes.
Pietro & I headed to Kildare village. (an outlet shopping village)

We headed to clarks. Firstly we looked at the shoes (my opinion, there wasn't much there for boys)
Then, we got his feet measured.....
He is a 4 1/2 on one foot, and 5 on the other.
He did make strange the the woman, but i think it was just because she was touching his feet.. he has sensitive feet just like him mommy :)!

we were told to go for the 5, but honestly there were just huge on him, easy able to slip off so i went to get some 4 1/2 shoes, and they fit nicely!!
It was hard to pick a style, as he would be wearing them every day to get good use out of them!

The only bad thing was they were mostly browns and blues, where as the girls had so much more colours! (Grrr!!)
Now in saying that, i did like a few.. but I just didn't know if they would 'Go' with his clothes, like would they clash? or would they suit his style.

Finally we decided on a pair, they are very cute on him & kayden seemed happy walking around in them..

He had a little walk around in the newbridge shopping centre, I brought them harnesses for babies. They sound horrible, but personally they are a life-saver! Kayden tends to run everywhere now so it came in handy just so he wouldn't run off.
Everyone has their own opinion on them!

He is in his Pjs, so please don't mind that LOL, we had a Lazy Day yesterday as the weather was just terrible!

Unfortunately, we didn't get the first shoe photograph :( they don't do them in Kildare village!
I was upset about that but I'll take pictures with my canon one day just to have the memory :)!

He's been wearing them since and they seem fine, i think he has broken them in already which is good!
It's just a shame they will only last 6-8weeks!

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo