Saturday, 5 October 2013

College, Briefs and the Hardship.

Hey Guys!

For the past... four weeks now, I've started back at college. 
Passed all my exams so start into second year which is a complete shock to me. Never thought i would get into first year, never mind second.

My course is a level 7, Design communications.
Basically Graphic Design.
My modules for this semester would consist of Design History, Business Management, Design Technology, Photography/Printmaking/Media and Design communications.

As its coming up to halloween break, everything is piling in on top of each other, and it can be very very stressful. 
Our briefs are quite simple, but very "tasky" (You need to be a Adobe Nerd,
and i'm simply not that!!!)

Our first brief was to design a "Urban Fashion Logo"
(simple i know)
the name was "SKY RAT"
yuk, i know!! 
But thankfully we could change the name so i decided on "URBAN GURU"

This was my first idea, black spray paint in the background and font over. so then I live traced it. and of course the lecturer didn't like the trace and i was pretty fond of it!

Above is the trace.
so eventually, i was able to impress him with my fabulous talents in illustrater (LOL)
& came up with my final logo. I still have a problem with picking between the two.

Sorry about the blur, its taken from a computer screen.

But anyway, college work this year is so much harder with Kayden. he's running around everywhere now, getting up to every sort of mischief!!! So, i have a content eye on him now. Even though he is amazing at playing with his toys all by himslef, he still wants me to play along with him most of the time. So now I Usually have to leave college work until he is asleep which is about half 9, and mostly my college work could take a few hours.

Sometimes, I will ask Pietro, or if i'm very stuck in college work I will ask my Mam to mind him for an hour, but thats rarely!

It's getting harder to get up early in the morning to go to college, and i'm very tired coming back home. I'm usually in college from 10-6. or an hour in difference.

During the week, i only get to spend some hours with Kayden before he heads to bed! and i hate it!!! I miss summer where i had all the time to cuddle and play. but college has to be done so i'm sticking though it. (hopefully)

I've a book brief as well, but i haven't made any progress, so i'll post it when it comes along nicely :)

Thanks for reading
Aisling xo