Wednesday, 10 February 2016


It's been about three months since I've last blogged I'd say.... Ooops!!! Part was being hectic and the other part was that I just lost total interest in blogging :(!! I was in a constant writers block and I was finding it very hard to juggle two kids, a job, and I guess my private life.

So, where what I have been up to in the last three months?!? Well, first of I got my first job.. YAY!! it was only a job for christmas as Emilee was only four months old and well, I needed to get my ass into gear.  I felt so cooped up at home all day that I felt I needed a change, and well I went and got a job to see if it would help me. and it did!!

Many would love to stay at home with their babies, but I felt that I needed to see if I was more of a working momma or a stay at home momma...?! and still to this point, I have no idea haha!! maybe a part time job after Emilee turns 1, but beggars can't be chooser so I guess ill just go with the flow.

So, as my job was pretty much full time after four weeks, I barely got to have time with my babies let alone blog, so I pretty much forgot about blogging and focused on work. Then my contract ended, and I was truly gutted, I fell into a little hole where I just wanted to stay at home.. (The one reason for getting that job)

Its been a month since my contract ended, and I'm just about getting used to being a stay at home momma again. Emilee is so more active and Kayden, well he's a little nutcase/teenager.

We have been making plans to move AGAIN!!!! (Ugh!) Which is in about two weeks, so we've been painting & sorting out our new home. Praying this is the last time until we have our own home to move into :)!

So between working, moving and adjusted to being a mumma of two my blogging has really felt left out!! hopefully I will change that from here on in :D

Ive got a little notebook from TK MAX, so ill be jotting down ideas for blogs, crafts, and hopefully some baby recipes as Emilee is on stickily homemade meals!! and she's loving it, Her favourite meal so far is Sweet Potato and Carrots!! She hasn't tried much as she's only 7 months old and has been on solids for about three weeks, so what I am doing is giving her one vegetable a week and then ill start mixing vegetable and other foods! Exciting :)

And I've also noticed, Kayden has an imaginary friend who he talks to all day!! Its pretty freaky but I guess he's happy!! haha! He constantly gives out to him for doing bold things and comes running to me telling on him, which I have no idea how to react, other than being freaked out haha!!

This what happens when I blog, i just ramble on and I've no idea where this blog is going haha!
Anyway thanks for reading,

-A xo