Thursday, 25 February 2016

ALL ABOUT EMMI: 7 month update

AGE: 7 months

WEIGHT: i honestly haven't got a clue LOL

HEIGHT: again no clue, I'm such a good mammy ;)

SLEEPING: Sleeping through the night is totally gone out the drain!! I can't complain, she will whinge for her dodo & fall straight back to sleep, or her bottle which she holds herself in the bed, which is the exact same as what kayden did at this age LOL. Still not quite the napper, will sometimes got 1-2hours, but will sleep 2-3 hours if i go to nap with her.

TEETH: Still no teeth, dribbles like crazy, & puts everything, and I mean everything to her mouth!! 

PLAYING: Id say in the last month, she's been playing more more and getting more interested in her surroundings, such as the jumparoo Santa got her for christmas, She LOVES playing in it, aswell as her mama & papas seat that has a toy tray attached. Also will laugh at kayden for hours even if kayden is just looking at her. She adores her big brother so much! pretty much the only person to make her laugh uncontrollably!! 

PERSONALITY: She is a nutcase! wound up to the last LOL!! Wants content attention, and for people to notice her. She will cry if you turn your back to her and she definitely knows her mammy will put her up if she keeps crying LOL. Emilee has been making strange to a few people, but soon warms up after a while. Ive noticed she will look at me or Pietro if she feels upset/distressed and thats when I usually take her back and then she's fine, just stare the crap out of them haha! She will talk for Ireland in the morning, around 6am-9am is when she wakes up and honestly will lie there having a good aul chat to herself! which is so freaking adorable. Also Emilee loves the camera, I usually take OOTD posts for instagram (@aislingrachel) which she loves :)

CURRENT CLOTHING SIZE: She is in 6-9 month clothes, still in 3-6month clothes vests/tees and some leggings.

DIAPER SIZE: in size 3 nappies. Had our first leak in the morning but thats only as she didn't wake up through the night for mammy to change her nappy.

WORDS: Lots of Oooo's and aaaa's, I've heard a few 'mam' but not classing it as she's saying my name just yet. constantly moving her jaw to try her best to talk but nothing comes out. Is full of chat in the mornings & just before bedtime when she's getting dressed.

RECENT MILESTONES: rolling over, sucking her big toe LOL, She is finally sitting up on her own but is still abit unstable so I usually sit behind her. Emilee loves giving kisses and hugs!!

Emilee is now fully on solids, 4 meals a day. 
I tend to keep her meals the same for one week so her digestive system gets used to it, also I've heard that a baby has to try a new food about ten times to like it!

heres her meal plan.
Breakfast 10am-11am - instant porridge 
Lunch 1pm - 2pm - one vegetable (this week is sweet potato)
Dinner 5pm-7pm - One vegetable (still have frozen carrots from last week so I'm using them up)
supper 8pm-9pm - instant porridge

& to mention she has about four 7oz bottles of formula a day! 

The vegetables Emilee has tried are; carrots, broccoli, avocado, sweet potato and butternut squash.
I wash, peel & steam the vegetable (if needed to be cooked) and then throw then into a jug and hand blend them into a puree. 

In the next coming weeks, I will be adding fruit for lunch, not sure what to start of with first as i dont want to give her something very sweet and have her throw off her veggies :(

Ive also had this idea of juicing fruits & veg for her beaker. Has anyone tried it with their babies? and how did you introduce the juice? I'd love to hear :)

Emilee Christening Photo. Dress is from Debenhams which is no longer available and her flower crown is from Ring of Roses on Instagram. 

Thanks for reading!