Sunday, 6 December 2015

All About Emmi - 4 Month Update

AGE: 4 months/17 weeks old

WEIGHT: 13 pounds

HEIGHT: 61cm long!!

SLEEPING: Emilee doesn't really nap, she more catnaps for twenty/thirty minutes and then she's up for 30mins-1hour and catnaps again, if i bring her to bed with me, she'll sleep for a good two-three hours until kayden wakes up. She's also sleeping through the night, maybe wakes once for her dodo. but will sleep from 9pm-9am!
TEETH: talk about dribbles!! this girl is teething like crazy, constantly chewing her little hands and fingers but doesn't like teething toys! i think from teething uses gone off the dodo as it doesn't help! 

PLAYING: She's just starting to play with toys, starting to touch and feel them, maybe squeeze them if they make noises!! but she does get bored and would rather sit up and look around rather than lie down and play with toys!! she loves talking to Kayden, and loves when Kayden talks to her!!

PERSONALITY: She's a diva. no doubt will be such a drama queen when she's older!! She wants everyone to look and talk to her and the moment you don't, she will yell at you LOL!!

CURRENT CLOTHING SIZE: in 3-6 months clothes but most of her 0-3 month clothes still fit!! but I'm starting to pack away her 0-3 and put her in 3-6 months.

DIAPER SIZE: in size 2/3 depending on what we have when we go look for nappies LOL. both fit well and haven't had any leaks/blowouts. YET!

WORDS: constant baby talk, only time its quiet is when she's asleep LOL! loves the sound of her voice and loves it even more when you copy her sounds!!

RECENT MILESTONES: playing with toys, staring at them and going to reach, noticing more around her, especially Kayden! Laughs so much now! has such a hearty laugh that i just want to hear it ALL the time! starting to turn on her side and staying there and then will roll onto other side. Can now hold her own bottle and feed herself YAY! sometimes she won't, but that because il be holding her.

Her 4 month injections are on Monday, which i just dread. Its horrible.

Health nurse check up went great, she was super happy with Emilees growth/milestones etc. She was very surprised with how Emilee could hold her head so well and very steady. Her charts are on point! and we've given the go ahead to start solids but I'm holding off as much as i can, until i feel like she really needs it!
6 months she will be on solids either way, but for right now i think she's ok with the bottle!

Ive ordered Amber beads for her, so hoping they help her!

Other than that Emilee is doing great, She's loving life :)

Thanks for reading :)
Aisling xo