Monday, 19 October 2015

Becoming A Craft Momma!

I have been working on a major project for the last few weeks, that I feel it's time to share! I wanted to set myself goals this year and this project was one of them!

When Emilee was born I was given a Sewing Machine as I wanted to make a cushion for on top of a bench I have in the play room (That still needs to be done) but instead I started researching other sewing project that I wanted to try. getting super excited of course I jumped right into it, pretty sure Pietro was sick of looking at different patterns, probably all looked to same to him ;)

Of course it was trail and error for many weeks, experimenting with different fabrics, backing fabrics and of course getting to know my sewing machine!

Thankfully I knew how to use a sewing machine and didn't need help, plus YouTube was a major help when I was struggling!! And with money being low, I could only afford a little bit of fabric at a time, so the process was slow, but at least it made me try to perfect them right away!!

I've so many projects up my sleeve that I am working on at the moment that its quite early to share just yet!!! but you will find out soon :)

Im super nervous when it comes to projects as I'm just a perfectionist with my work! Im the worst critic of my work, as I found out from college!!

So, *Drum Roll* let me introduce to you the Bandana Bibs! Ive yet to choose a name for them and I've still a little more work to do!!

Emilee has been wearing them for about three weeks now, and I'm super happy how they look on her! Perfect timing as she's starting to dribble like crazy!!

They are made out of 100% soft cotton, for delicate faces! Im still working on the backing, making sure the dribbles don't soak through, Emilee is doing great being my Guinea Pig ;) & of course she's loving the photo shoots ;) My goals are to have Emilee from head to toe wearing my crafts... Ha joking! Or am I? ;)

With this project i'd love to grow more and make Bandana Bibs for those who are willing to buy off me! And with that, ill be adding more & more projects to the list!!

Ive many patterns/prints that I wish to share, but it is a slow and patient process!! I want the bibs to be 100% perfect for everyone,  Im putting most of my time into making the bibs!

I love anything crafty & artistic so I'm super excited that I'm making Emilee a few bits for her to enjoy :) and for myself to be proud that she's wearing something I've made!

If anyone is interested in the bandana bibs please PM me on Facebook and we can discuss it further :)
I will be posting new designs and new crafts on my Facebook page Raising Crazy Things, so make sure you've liked my page to get updates :)

Thanks for reading :)
Aisling xo