Friday, 16 October 2015

Review: Lascal Maxi Buggyboard

When I was expecting Emilee, we tried our hardest to get Kayden to walk instead of being in the buggy as we weren't going to purchase a double buggy and have him grow out of it in a few months.

But it was hard, he keep running away and wouldn't hold our hands or walk beside us, we were frustrated and annoyed at the same time thinking we will have to purchase a buggy so that it would be easy on us to go out and about on our day.

Until I heard of the buggy board, I liked the thought of the idea so I researched into the board (Yes, i research everything), its suitable for 2 years and up and fits 99% of all buggies. We purchased the Icandy peach 3 buggy. So I was a little worried it wouldn't fit, but thankfully the website has tutorials on every buggy as I was able to see how to attach the board.

We ended up purchasing the buggy board in my home town, but it is also available in Smyths for 79.99euro.

It is a bit pricey, Thankfully we were given it as a gift for when Emilee was born. But in saying that I would have purchased it myself.

It was a little tricky to put together, but on the other hand we were in the parking lot LOL!!
At first we put it on wrong, so it was little awkward at first until we finally figured it out and SUCCESS we had a great shopping trip without Kayden running away or having a tantrum that we weren't going into the shop that he wanted to go into!! Also a plus is that he could entertain Emilee as she Loves to talk to her big brother!

But I must say it does have some disadvantages - its quite hard to do sharp turns as his weight is holding it down, and just writing this blog i found out the near top weight is 20KG and I'm pretty sure he's a little heavier than 20kg :( If its not clicked in properly it will unhook as you turn, which is a nightmare to hold a three year old on try click it back with one hand!

But honestly it makes our day outings and shopping trips SO much easier! It has saved my life and has given me a stress free day without worrying if we are going to be running after a hyper toddler while tackling the groceries!

Also which is get is that while putting it together you don't need any tools, in the box is given all the nitty gritty things you might need for your certain buggy, but i would advise on looking up tutorials on youtube or on the website to see how to attach the board.

The picture is a little blurry but you can clearly see how easy it fits on the buggy and how comfortly Kayden looks standing on the buggy board!

Overall, I've mixed feeling sabot the buggy board but I'm glad it makes our outings a lot easier!

Thanks for reading :)
Aisling xo