Saturday, 24 October 2015

Ten things I've found out being a parent!

Number 1. Nap time is now your best friend - Oh praise the lord, counting down the hours until nap time so you can plonk your butt on the couch and finally have your breakfast!! LOL

Number 2. You now know every cartoon theme tune! - *PEPPPPPPA PIG snort snort* not to mention knowing the episodes off by heart since you watch the same cartoon everyday for the last three years!  UGH!

Number 3 - You've become the worlds best briber - *If you go pee pee on the potty ill give you a chocolate biccie?!* what I do to get my toddler to do the things I want him to do LOL!

Number 4 - You know have to sneak chocolate or anything sweet for that matter like a contraband substance - If your child can smell chocolate from 5 miles away like mine can.. your screwed.

Number 5 - Your new OOTD is a "Mom Bun", a lovely tshirt with stale spit up, the comfiest pants which infact belong to your partner. A baby on your hip & a toddler attached to your ankle screaming for chocolate biscuits.

Number 6 - You become your mother. Many many times I've given out to my son.. and yes I sound the exact same as my mam....

Number 7 - Your Photo Gallery on your phone is now filled with pictures of your babies, and maybe 50 pictures of the same image... but you just CAN NOT bring yourself to delete them. The world would literally end.

Number 8 - You long for the sound of your baby sleeping at night - BABY: Im just going to hold my breath and freak my mama out! MOM: Honey? Honey!!!! The baby isn't breathing!!!!!!! BABY: AHHHHHHH! MOM: Oh. thank god! Am I the only one who think this actually happens LOL

Number 9 - You become a "Pram Peeper" - Walking throughout the shopping centre and you slying peep your head into the oncoming buggy! Ive no idea why I do this?! LOL

Number 10 - Your new alarm clock is your toddler walking into your room shouting "GOOD MORNING" ... then all of a sudden the baby is awake crying for the bottle, you have the covers over your head as still as can be, praying they go back to sleep! It never works....

Thanks for reading :) 
Aisling xo