Wednesday, 7 October 2015

All About Emmi: 3 Month Update

Emilee isn't quite yet 3 months, but she just turned 12 weeks so all in all, she's around 3 months old :)

AGE: 12 weeks/3 months

WEIGHT: I've no idea how much she weights :( 

HEIGHT: 57cm!! shes so long!!

SLEEPING: Catnapping during the day, not quite in a routine nap time but falls asleep after her bottle for one-two hours! sleep7-8 hours at night, and then another 4 hours after her morning bottle!

TEETH: Ive such a feeling she's starting to teeth! Red cheeks and dribbling like mad, may not have teeth for another good while but it may be the start! :( 

PLAYING: Loves attention from anyone!! as soon as she knows your close, she will talk away and just wants your full attention :) she loves watching everything so closely, the tele, kayden playing/running around, us talking! she's very aware of everything!

PERSONALITY: She's a cheeky little Diva! Loves to mess with her bottle when she's full! Loves to give out to get attention! once your talking to her she's just as smiley as can be! a grin from ear to ear!! So adorable!! 

CURRENT CLOTHING SIZE: still in 0-3 months clothes, but id say she will soon be out of them and into 3-6 months!

DIAPER SIZE: When i was pregnant, we bought loads of nappies, like id say ten or more packs in different sizes, and we've just ran out of size 2, so instead of buying more we started using some 3, they are big on her but she's not having any leaks or that so its all good :) 

WORDS: still coo'ing like crazy! as soon as your near, she starts talking to you telling her little stories, whether they are good or bad stories. she's a little chatter box already :)

RECENT MILESTONES: Emilee had her first chuckle last week :D, she was in the bath and i had no idea what I was doing but she just broke out in laughter and I just cried LOL! I might of tickled her or something! Pietro even heard it from the other room it was that loud lol! Hasn't chuckled since then, i am trying my hardest to get her to laugh but no use LOL she'll laugh in her own time :)

Her two month injections were a nightmare, she roared through them, but it didn't effect her mood the next few days so everything went okay :)

She has a appointment at the end of october for a development/weight check up with the health nurse so ill know her weight for her 4 month update :)

She's a happy bubbly little girl :)

Thanks for reading :)
Aisling xo


Ita Coffey said...

Love your blog Aisling. Keep it coming.