Monday, 5 October 2015

Review: Caboo NCT baby Carrier

When i was pregnant with Emilee, I researched into Baby wearing!

I totally feel in love with the idea of baby wearing that i looked into the right carrier for me!
And wow are they expensive!! 

I wanted a carrier that was the right price but also that would suit a newborn until Emilee didn't want to be in the carrier anymore!

I looked into the big brands, but it turned out you have to buy add ons to suit newborns etc!

I then went to have a look in boots, they had a good selection but mostly slings and carriers that didnt suit newborns!

Thats when i came across Caboo Carrier!

I researched more about this carrier, on youtube it gave me tutorials on how to use the carrier!
you can but the baby in four positions;
facing forward
breastfeeding position
and then there is the different ways in facing you, arms tucked in (Newborn) and arms and head out (4m+)

It comes in a little bag which is handy to bring with you, nice and neatly tucked away!

inside the bag then is your carrier!!

So it comes in a way that you dont need to wrap it around you yourself, so you place it over you head and your arms in the sides! also have the rings to tuck tighter or loosen as your baby grows

This the front that would be on your chest/tummy when you have it on.
It is quiet easy to put the baby in, in the manual it gives you different ways and how to place baby in safety and properly!

the one thing when i research is that the babys legs have to be in a "W" as if it isn't, it can really harm baby's hips! so every time she's in the carrier ins the first thing i check!!

So  when you turn the bag inside out, it gives you an extra wrap for support and warmth for the baby! 

heres some pictures of Emilee in the baby carrier;

Im absolutely in love with baby wearing! I would encourage any new mammy to baby wear!
Emilee sleeps all the time she's in the carrier, so it just proves that she feels safe and warm! 
And she knows she with her mammy ;)

Its super comfy, i wore it when we went to boora parklands,
if you want to read what we got up to in Boora, click here
I wore it for a total of two and a half hours, during the end my back was a little sore but I do have problems with my back!

Overall im so happy i brought the baby carrier and can't wait to use it even more :)

thanks for reading
Aisling xo