Sunday, 27 September 2015

The start of our little adventures!

So I've been totally absence from blogging as I was crazy busy with a family wedding!
The last two weeks has been full blown!

As its finally settling down, myself and Pietro have came up with an 'End of year' Resolution ;)
That one day of the week, we get out of the house and we go on a little adventure with the babies.

We've decided that if its possible to spend as little money as can be just to prove that you don't need to spend loads to have fun, especially with little tots!

So as out first adventure we went for a little stroll along the canal in our town! Well the canal is dried up but its a pretty site and kayden can run around and have fun!

We choose to bring his little bike (He's still a bit wobbly) so he had something to do instead of asking to get up on his daddy's shoulders as he does :P

The leaves are just starting to turn orange and brown! (My favourite part of Autumn)
And I just loved the relaxing feeling it gave.

Going on a stroll with an 11 week old is pretty risky as it is, as Emilee is at the age where she does sleep all the time but when she's awake she wants to be up and looking!
So I brought my Baby carrier and it worked a charm :)

I didn't want to bring my baby bag so thankfully I had a Rucksack & cover set bag from Frog Bikes that would be great as a nappy bag. 

The bag comes with adjustable padded straps with reflective strips (especially when the dark nights are settling in), Integrated wet kit bag can be used for runners but I actually used them for Emilee's clothes as she spit up after feeding her which was so handy, Front pocket contains mobile phone holder, key ring and organiser, Side cargo mesh pockets suitable for a water bottle or baby bottles. 

The rucksack cover has 15 - 35 litres capacity, Highly reflective strips, Integrated flashing lights which is great for young kids such a kayden as he can hardly be seen on the path as he's small, Elasticated edging and strap for secure fastening!!

We packed it with our essentials, which in fact the bag could hold twice as much! Even more if we were going for a longer trip!

I added a little picnic after just incase we were there longer than expected! And of course kayden will ask for something to eat! He is a growing boy after all ;)

As being a mammy, I've know become an overly protective mother, and its all about safety with me! Thankfully kayden is all about safety too and he was glad to wear his helmet from Frogs Bikes.

It fitted well and kayden was able to hook on the helmet himself (Proud moment for mammy) It has a flashing red light on the back of the helmet with is great incase it became too dark quickly, he loved the fact it was flashing red, so he had no bother having it on (Thankfully) and highly reflective strips!

They also have a Facebook page

*This is a PR sample, all my opinions are true and honest*

Thanks for reading :)
Aisling xo