Saturday, 5 September 2015

Emilee's 2 month update

Can I just take a minute to acknowledge that Emilee is TWO months old!! TWO MONTHS?!
where has the time gone :( 

AGE: 8 weeks

WEIGHT: 12 pounds! She's a big Girl :)

HEIGHT: 54cm, she's grown 4cm since birth!

SLEEPING: sleeps for 4 hours at a time, sometimes will go a little longer at nighttime. Night feds are starting to get exhausting, its just starting to hit me now LOL

TEETH: No teeth! Thank god ;) 

PLAYING: Is starting to notice Mobile thingy (Not sure what its called) but starting to coo and gas at the little toys!!

PERSONALITY: Emilee's personality is definitely starting to show, she's such a happy baby! Loves the attention and whats to be talked too all day! She loves to be sat up and looking whats around her, will only lie down for napping! loves to stick out her tongue! She will smile if you kiss her on her mouth! 

CURRENT CLOTHING SIZE: So now she's completely out of newborn clothes (Some vests still fit her) Still getting wear out of some Up To One Month clothes, But mainly in 0-3month clothes!

DIAPER SIZE: In size 2 nappies! still has a good bit of room for them!

WORDS: Coo'ing like crazy! Trying her hardest to talk back at you!

RECENT MILESTONES: Starting smiling at around 6 weeks at my voice but now is smiling ear to ear seeing mammy, daddy and kayden! Smiled at her Auntie Sinead last week! Sinead was delighted! She has also found her hands! Mad into trying to suck her fingers or thumbs! She will follow anything you put in front of her :)

She has a appointment next week for her two month injections and I'm honestly terrified for her! I hate them so much, and to see her cry is going to kill me :(

She's doing great and I'm so blessed to have a happy and healthy baba :)

 *Isn't her top so cute! All the way from Australia*

Thanks for reading :)
Aisling xo