Saturday, 3 October 2015

Boora Parklands Adventure!

This week our adventures led us the Boora Parklands Discovery Park.
The parklands are just outside Ferbane, Co. Offaly.

The best thing is that there is no entrance fee and you can wonder as you like! Which is a bonus if you have small tots that like to run as they please!!

there was a bit of an overcast and a tad windy but it wasn't wet and rainy, so we just brought light jackets and hoodies!

We also decided to bring a little picnic as I knew there was a little hut there for bird watching that we could sit in there and have a nice cuppa tae ;)!!
Kayden was loving the fact we had a picnic, he was so excited!

There is benches around the parklands to sit and eat also :)

We just brought the usual things, ready made up rolls we did at home, sandwiches, crisps, apples, doughnuts for something sweet, and some chocolate! we brought a flask of hot water, a bottle of milk and a little container of sugar! plus some 7up and water! 

The park has many different trails to go on, we got a little confused and went another way as usual but still ended up seeing the sculptures!

Kayden had a great time running ahead of us and then waiting for us to catch up... then he would run off again! 

Emilee was in the baby carrier as the trail has a lot of stones and gravel that the buggy would be too shaky for her to sleep! but she slept all through the walk, she loves the baby carrier which is a bonus!

The sculptures have a little description near it to tell you about the artist and a little about the sculpture itself! Kayden of course loved the trains, as he could climb all around them and sit inside the train pretending to be the driver!!

Theres also a little fairy trail you can follow, and find letters to make up a word with the kiddies! at the end of the trail is a fairy circle in which the fairies dance all night! Kayden was very aware and was terrified incase he stepped on a little fairy LOL!!

And you can also hire bikes from the visitor centre :)

We spent a total of two hours there, from eating our picnic to walk around! Its a lovely day out, a great way to get exercise for yourself and the kids! 
Even to see the pieces of Art around the trail is pretty cool! Little tots might not understand but a good few that the kids can play on!

There is such lovely scenery around for great photography!

Dont forget some bread to feed the ducks!!

Heres some photography I took a while back!

Fun fact! These pictures are two years apart on the same bridge! How crazy, all thats changed is he has more hair LOL

Thank you so much for reading :)
If anyone has any other suggestions on little day adventures for tots i would love to know :)

Aisling xo


Ita Coffey said...

Lough Boora Parklands are a brilliant place to spend an afternoon no matter what the weather is like.