Saturday, 29 August 2015

Our morning routine

My morning usually starts when kayden walks into our room.

I'm a pretty light sleeper so I always hear him getting out of the bed and pit n pattering into ours!
He opens the door, then crawls into our bed.

If I'm lucky he will fall back to sleep and I get the extra wink of sleep, but usually he's full of life!
He doesn't have a set time when he wakes up, it could range from half 7 to 10!

Emilee usually wakes when she hears kayden in the morning, and with that she's usually hungry so I pop her into bed with me and feed her, sometimes she will fall back to sleep, other time I've to give her the bottle.

Once I've finished feeding Emilee, she's then burped and changed and put back into her crib!
If its really early, and kayden is too awake for me, I hand him the iPad to watch Peppa pig and I lie down beside him! 

I usually wait until he's asking me for his breakfast to go downstairs!
Emilee is usually asleep by now so I leave her as she is and head downstairs with kayden.

I pop on the tv, it's between cartoons or football that's on in the morning!
Kayden then gets his breakfast, it's a pick between Cheerios or wheatabix LOL!!

When he's breakfast is finished, I then get him dressed for the day!

Emilee is still upstairs at this stage so I head up to her to see if she's still asleep, if so il get ready myself if I've plans for the day, if not il tidy, wash bottles, anything that needs to be done.

I then remember to get breakfast!
I then catch up on all my social media - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, snapchat!

With all that happening, Emilee is up! Due to be feed, changed and burped!
She'll then be dressed and awake for about an hour!!

When Emilee is all settled, it's usually around midday and it's time for kaydens nap!!!

Finally :)

Nothing really to hectic for the morning time.
It's a whole different story if I'm going off with the kiddies!!

We all go for a nap in the afternoon until Pietro is home from work!

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo