Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mammy hacks!

Being a new mammy to two.
Life right now is all about the "mammy hacks"

My day is pretty hectic just looking after a three year old & a seven week old!!
So when it comes to cleaning, washing up, laundry.. It's pushed to the back ofmy mind and then I'm left with a messy house and no time to sort it.


So for the past several weeks I've come up with a few "mammy hacks" that have saved my life recently!!

Number one: This is well known by now, DRY SHAMPOO!!! It has saved my life, I've to wait on Pietro to be home to shower as Emilee is way to young to be left sleeping while I shower, so to make myself look presentable when I don't have time or can't shower I use dry shampoo!! It works the charm, I tie my hair up and it looks fresh as a daisy ;) when secretly it needs a wash!! 

Number two: putting everything for nighttime stock up in your side drawers. I've a chest of drawers beside Emilees crib, and one drawers is full of nappies, wipes, changing mat, nappy cream, nose sucker for those boogers, nipple cream, bibs, dodos, everything that is needed for nighttime. As who wants to be taking trips downstairs when they are so tired. So ive made it easier on myself and put this draw together. I've also one downstairs in the sitting room, and one for Kayden two full of pull ups!! (We're in the middle of potty training!!) 

Number three: having all your cleaning products in one basket to carry around with you, so your not constantly walking back and forward for one product at a time. I've a basket full of sprays, bathroom cleaners, cloths, black bags, everything that it's easy to go room to room and clean.

Number four: Kayden is forever wanting to help clean but I hate him using the cleaning products as they are not safe for him. So I use a little travel size spray bottle, but cut in lemon and warm water, and he uses this to clean tables and windows :) he loves it!!!

Number five: After the laundry is done. I separate clothes into baskets. So the four of our clothes are in four different baskets, that way I bring the one basket at a time to the room and hang up clothes or put the, where it needs to be. It may be a little more work but in my eyes it's more organised to put away.

Number six: The five second hairstyle. My hair right now is usually tied in a bun or tied up ponytail. It's so easy to do and I usually mess it up so it looks like I took my time to look good!! When I most likely rushed it!!

Number seven: I always have my nappy bag packed for when I leave, I replace anything that I've used that day. Such as nappies or nappy bags. That way i don't need to spend half an hour thinking of what I need, and might forget something important. Like bottles (I've done that before with kayden haha) 

Number eight: when doing the shopping, buy some "on the go food" for yourself. Plenty of times I've ran out the door without eating so I make sure that I pick up something to eat in the car!!
And also bring extra for the day!!

Right now that is all I can think about haha
Hopefully some of these help or if you have one comment below telling me what it is!!

Thanks for reading
Aisling xo