Saturday, 11 July 2015

My Induction Story!

As today mark's my due date..
Im over the moon to say Emilee Grace made her grand appearance on the 8th July, at 13:41pm. Weighting 8pounds 3oz!

I know many won't really care about my birth story, but to me it's such an experience that I don't want to forget what happened, so blogging my story will let me read over and over as many times as i want ;)

At my 38 week hospital appointment, the doctor told me they were going to induce me due to having pregnancy diabetes. I was told I would be induced at 39weeks but they never gave me a date at that appointment, they told me that I would find out at my next hospital appointment, which was the 8th july... and to me it seemed a bit too late to be induced if I was meant to be at 39weeks.

So I rang the office and asked if I was given a date or was it even written down, the doctor than rang me back a few hours later saying I would be brought in on the 7th July at 8am to be induced.

So the morning of 7th July, myself & Pietro headed to the hospital to be induced. Not knowing what to expect. I was very nervous, I didn't know how the induction would go or how long/short it would be! 

I was then brought into a room to be examined and for the midwives to check the baby, take blood, insert an cannula. Then was brought into the labour ward to wait for the doctor to come in and talk to us. He explained how the induction would work. It turned out that i was already 2cm dilated but he couldn't break my waters (TMI) so i was given gel to help soften and dilate a bit more. 

They left me for 6hours. which surprisingly went very fast!! I was then brought back into the labour ward, but didn't progress so I was given gel again and told they would see me at 11pm that night :(

In that time, I was getting mild contractions which were getting stronger. I was able to breathe through each one and sometimes talk! I was praying they were doing something anyway!

So 11pm came. they put me on a monitor to see if i was getting contractions and to check baby's heartbeat. On the monitor you could clearly see I was getting contractions... but they weren't regular!! :( which meant I was in false labour pretty much!!

Around 12am Pietro went home to rest while I of course had to stay in the hospital. I could barely rest due to the contractions. Thankfully I fell asleep about 5am but then was woken up at half 7 to go back to the labour ward to get examined again.

And SUCCESS!! I was 3.5cm and they could break my waters!! They basically said to me that the contractions I am getting is only the gel trying to work, that if they break my waters.. it could send me into active labour or could do nothing at all and I would have to be put on a drip to kick start it.

Well, as soon as I walked out of that room (around 9am) that contraction hit hard! I paced up and down my room breathing through the pain. Decided to ring Pietro about half 9 to tell him to come in to me, explaining what was happening.

Pietro arrived just after ten, in the meantime I was a little vocal through my contractions! As soon as Pietro arrive I told him to get someone because I needed something for the pain.

The midwife came in and seen I was a bit distressed, and asked if I wanted to know were the contractions doing anything. I said yes and found out I was dilated to a 4!!!!

Another midwife came in and said she has a room ready for us to make our way to the delivery room.

The contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart and I was defiantly vocal (Pietro said you could only hear me if you were in the room with us, but to me I seemed louder LOL) !!

I was given gas and air.. Which I didn't like at all! I was very dizzy after each contraction and it just didn't seem to work. The midwife knew I wanted the epidural so in process of moving rooms and settling in she rang for the epidural. 

The doctor came to do the epidural around 11am. It took a very long while. I think I had about 5 contractions from start to finish! after it was done, I felt relief straight away (THANK GOD!!)

So about half 11, my midwife went on her lunch and another midwife took over from her. We were laughing around and just basically waiting for things to progress! 
Half 12 she came back from her lunch and the rest of the midwives went on break.

I was starting to feel some amount of pressure in my bum, which was hurting me. the nurse upped my epidural and examined me.. I was 7cm!! I couldn't believe it! 

I told Pietro that she will definitely be here by 3pm!

The midwife messed with me telling me that I was not to have a baby while everyone else was on lunch haha! as she was minding the other woman in labour for the other midwives.

A little after 1, I was breathing through the contraction and had such an intense feeling to push. It was so intense that I was basically pushing but trying not to!! I told Pietro to get the midwife that I need to push, she came running in.. examined me and I was 9cm! I told her that I really needed to push, she then explained that I had a bit of cervix there that a few more contraction then I will be ready.

literally one contraction later.. I was ready to push!

skipping the gory bit.. ten minutes later...

Emilee Grace came into the world at 13:41pm :)
I cried my heart out seeing her! It was such an intense feeling and emotion that its a bit of a blur!

We did skin to skin for about an hour, and I breastfed her in which she latched on really well :)!!

Near to 3pm we were then transferred into the antenatal ward where we would spend the next two nights there!!!

So, with the midwife telling me I wasn't allowed to give birth while the others were on lunch, Emilee was just born as they were coming back. I only had one midwife and Pietro in the room while giving birth. I was meant to have a student midwife but she didn't make it! 

The whole experience was amazing! I was in active labour for about 4 hours!! Pushed for ten minutes! and my recovery is going great! 
After the epidural I was up and walking 2 hours after. 

I am currently breastfeeding Emilee, which is going good! She's doing amazing and Im so in love with her!! her going home weight was 7pounds 14oz.

I'm so happy to be home, in my own bed!! It's going to take a little while to get used to day to day life again :) haha! My Iron is low so I've no energy and night feeds have me wrecked anyways! So I'm resting and taking my time with tasks, and just enjoying being a mommy of two :)

Kayden is so in love with Emilee. He's constantly checking on her, asking if she's okay! Wanting to hold and cuddle her, kissing her! Hes just an amazing big brother :)

Thank you for reading :)
Aisling xo