Sunday, 26 July 2015

3weeks postpartum

I can't believe Emilee is nearly three weeks old already!
Isn't that crazy?!

I might just add, That Emilee is pronounced Emily. I just changed the spelling to be different ;) 

So this coming Wednesday Emilee will be three weeks old, and honestly it feel like she's been here way longer!!! 
She is still 50cm long, Same from birth. 
And is now weighting 9pounds!!!! 

Which is great, as I'm breastfeeding and its just a good feeling to know she's getting enough milk from me.
I am topping her up with formula but she seems to be getting enough from me mostly and i just have to top her up before we go to bed.

She feeds every 2-4hours. 
Still fits most newborn clothes, but 'Up to 1 month' gives more room and seems nicely fitted!!

In size 2 nappies :) Size 1 do fit but leaves marks on her chubby thighs ;) 

She searches for Kayden when he's talking! It so cute :) 

With my recovery, I'm feeling great! I do tend to need a nap during the day (As I'm up with night feeds :P)

Im currently down 10kg in weight! Which I think the Breastfeeding is helping with that too. As i didn't gain any weight during the pregnancy, I'm actually losing pre-pregnancy weight!

Im so thirsty during the day, that I'm pretty sure I'm drinking even more than the daily amount.
With my diabetes, I haven't been checking my bloods but then again I haven't eaten any sugar (Apart from a Jam Doughnut that I've been craving for months!)
But I will need to retest in September/October!

Im still in maternity jeans/leggings! As I've no clothes what so ever! So il need to get a new wardrobe soon :D! 

Kaydens adjustment to being a big brother has gone so smoothly! He literally clicked into his new role! Absolutely loves Emilee!

Always wanting to hold her and kiss her, which is great :) !! He is still learning to be careful around her though.. Which is understandable as he is only two (Three next week) and he doesn't quite understand!

Pietro had two weeks off so with me doing night feeds, he would get up with Kayden in the morning and let me sleep abit longer. But with him going back to work today! Ill be getting up with both babies, so i am expecting to be a bit more tired and lazy for a week or two!

But yeah, everything is going good :) Im so happy to be in my own place enjoying my babies :) 
Emilee will grow up so fast that I'm trying to take in the newborn stage as much as i can!

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo