Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bumpdate - How i'm feeling!!

Guess who's finally "Full Term" ??

Ahh can't believe I'm 37weeks! (well 37 weeks and 4 days.. the 4 days count LOL) Which basically means the baby can come any day now! 
Scary but SO exciting!

With every twinge or pain, My thoughts are "Is this it? Is this labour?" Haha! 
Im going crazy with just waiting around, I know the baby will come when its ready but OMG I want to meet this baby NOW! Like i'm seriously about to write a eviction notice ;)

So I thought i'd do something different than my usual Bump Update and just write how I'm feeling just off the top of my head!

Being so heavily pregnant is not the most glamorous look you can be LOL, I'm just at the stage where I want to be in loose airy clothes, no make-up and hair up in a bun and just lounge all day!

I'm usually at home most of the time, my energy levels are so low and its so hard to walk up and down the stairs LOL! I'm really feeling the weight of the baby this week, and with that its hard to walk or stand for long periods of time. I had the same thing with Kayden and he was 8 pounds. So I'm really expecting this baby to be a big baba aswell!

I've actually lost a lot of weight. Im lighter than I was pre-pregnancy weight! Which I was so surprised because I'm always hungry haha!

My belly has grown so much in the last week! Which my back is feeling all of it! And I've also got myself a little "Waddle" haha! So embarrassing but hey, it comes with being pregnant so I'm just going to embrace it ;)

Sleeping is so hard lately! I can barely turn in the bed (Myself and my mam had a little giggle about it) Im constantly getting up for bathroom breaks!
But a huge thing is that my feet are just constantly roasting? Its so weird! Like they are so warm ALL the time that i can't even wear socks! Walking on the tiles is the only relief i have haha!

Kayden is a gem for me lately! He knows the baby is coming soon, and none stop asking questions about the baby! He is just the easiest toddler right now and I'm so grateful for that! All he does is ask for something and I do it for him (If I can manage)
Of course he has his moments where he whinges and cries but he gets over it fast! 

Cravings are not as extreme! I do have the sweet cravings that I can't have!
but a new one is the feeling of brushing my teeth? and taste of the toothpaste haha.

But yeah, My bags are completely packed and ready to go! 
Im running out of patience and just about being done with being pregnant LOL!
But so thankful that I've made it to 37 weeks. With all the things that happened during this pregnancy, all I wanted was to make it to 37weeks and yay we've done it :D!

I've no idea if this baby will come early or not, My GP thinks I won't make it to 40 weeks! but you never know! 

I was 4/5 days over with Kayden! So I'm pretty sure il be over again :)
Well? if everything goes well with the scan tomorrow! which il talk about next week :)

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo