Monday, 8 June 2015

35 week bumpdate!

How far along? 35 weeks & 3 days :D
Weight Gain: Pretty much haven't gained anything this pregnancy. I'm putting it all down to the diabetes, My weight is levelling out really. I'd loss a pound or two but the next week I would gain it back. The doctor really isn't concerned as the baby is growing and has a good heart beat. 
Maternity clothes: NOT looking forward to when the hot weather comes in.. (I say 'when' as its Ireland and we never know when the sun will be out haha) I'm loving the cool rainy weather as I'm already warm just wearing a tee and trackies. Im doomed for hot weather haha
Stretch marks? Found a new one just starting, Its at the spot where the baby kicks the most :)
Sleep: Nope. None. Nada. :'(
Best moment this week: Im ashamed to say... Home and away is back on TV :D Haha! 
Miss anything? Lying down without being struck hard with heartburn LOL! Its so bad lately, especially during night-time. Im living on rennies!!!
Any movement? Baby movement have slowed down a bit! I feel more stretches rather than kicks! I do think the baby has started to engage as I feel so much pressure, the movements are around my belly button instead of near my ribs lately! and I can feel hiccups right above my pubic bone! 
Cravings: Vicks & firelighters!!!! Vicks give me more of a relax feeling when i smell it (WEIRD) but its something I need to smell at night? I really can't explain it because it sounds so weird haha! I've also wanted cheerios and chocolate sponge cake with choc frosting & 
sickness? Im feeling a little nausea lately for some reason. I assume its just my body getting ready for the birth. But the gagging is back at some foods or even just out of no where. I could cough and gag after? But i haven't physically got sick! 
Gender: We will know in 5 weeks :D:D
Labour Signs: I'm in so much pain :( Just even walking, I can feel the baby so so so low! I think my belly has dropped, or even just the baby because i've noticed the baby isn't propping its butt out above my belly button. I can push my hand where it used to be and feel the baby lower, much lower! Ive been cramping a lot lately, but nothing to be worried about! 
Symptoms: Heartburn, as usual LOL
Belly button in or out? In!
Happy or moody most of the time: Ahhh, a bit hormonal I have to say. Ive gotten to the point of just wanting to meet this baby!!! even thought i've nothing ready for the baby!!
Looking forward to: getting everything ready and set for the baby! I've really dragged it on at this stage so time to get my butt in action and sort out the house and my bags :) Things are moving quickly and i'm sure the next 5 weeks are going to fly :) 

I'm not looking forward to next week though! Pietro is away for work and I'm just praying this baby stays put until he's back LOL!
We also have a big scan in two weeks that will determine if i have to be introduced or not. So it could turn out that this baby will be here in the next two weeks or everything will be fine and the baby will come when its ready :) I'm a bit of a nervous wreck at the moment! 
Also the diabetes seems to be going okay, I don't need to go back to the diabetics clinic until I'm 39 weeks!! :)

AND I finally got a return date to go to the hospital, Honestly this pregnancy, the hospital has screwed up so much!! they are all over the place! but at least i'll see my pumpkin soon :)

Thanks for reading
Aisling xo