Monday, 4 May 2015

The countdown is on :')

How far along? 30weeks :) Cant believe there is only 10 weeks left!! Its so crazy how fast this pregnancy is going!
Weight gain: Still no weight gain, but pretty sure these last ten weeks il pack on the pounds :)
Maternity clothes: Yes, wearing them all the time, feeling a bit huge these days :(
Stretch marks? No new ones as of what i can see anyways ;)
Sleep: Sleep has gone completely out the window theses day.. Im so uncomfortable at night time. Tossing and turning all night PLUS the bathroom trips!!! Ugh i just want comfort :P
Best moment this week: So last week, after all the stress from the doctors i was finally told the baby is going great :D Im in such relief and just so happy to hear that. Even my blood works came back normal! My diabetes is under control and they are happy with what I'm doing :) So far so good :) fingers crossed it stays that way!
Miss anything? SLEEP! :P
Any movement? So I've noticed this week, that I'm not getting kicked as much.. its more like  body movements than kicks. So i feel a random foot or hand.. Or even the baby turning! My belly goes crazy. I just love it :D
Food cravings: no food cravings.. but my smell is gone so crazy! everything smells so GOOD!! Ugh, a friend in college was cleaning and my god i wanted to drink the stuff, it smelt amazing!
sickness? Nope :)!
Gender: Haha, i might swell get rid of this since were leaving it a surprise :)
Labour signs: Nope, just feeling a ton of pressure. nothing to be concern about since it was the same with Kayden :)
Symptoms: my energy has seemed to of disappeared :( So tired, and napping doesn't help either! Heartburn is a major issue :( !!
Belly button in or out? In!
Happy or moody most of the time: A little stress from college but I'm usually in a good mood :)
Looking forward to: relaxing :) On the go with college work and I've only 3 weeks left :( I'm starting to get upset of the thought of leaving... :'(

Fingers crossed the next hospital appointment isn't going to be as dramatic as the last ;) Will update then :)

Thanks for reading
Aisling xo