Monday, 11 May 2015

Bump Update!

How far along? 31weeks and 3 days :) 
Weight gain: Haven't weighted myself this week so il update next week ;)
Maternity clothes: I'm usually in hoodie and trackies by the end of the day, as all I want is comfort. So the maternity clothes are only worn when I want to look half decent (LOL)
Stretch marks? I think my old ones are starting to stretch again so they might become longer, but I'm at least remembering to moisturise before bedtime :)
Sleep: I can nap perfectly, but once its dark outside my body likes to reject sleep and becomes really anxious for some reason? I still toss and turn to get comfy and I have noticed that I am more tired theses days. Cant wait to just rest!!!
Best moment this week: Ask me next week HAHA! So stressed with college, trying to finish everything in one week is impossible, I'm even dreaming about what I've to do for the next day 
Miss anything? Not really...
Any movement? Tons! I can now feel the baby hiccup, which in fact it hiccups quite a lot! 
Food cravings: No, I just want to eat what I smell?? Firelighters smell amazing!! and so does my sister's makeup remover! YUM! starting to crave the smell go Vick.. (Same as Kayden)
sickness? Nope :)!
Gender: Surprise :)
Labour signs: Starting to get braxton hicks contractions.. I never experienced them with Kayden. They are super uncomfortable and only last a few seconds! Ive a lot of pressure at the end of the day aswell! 
Symptoms: HEARTBURN! Dam thing is so annoying :( can't even drink water... 
Belly button in or out? In but getting close to popping!
Happy or moody most of the time: A bit moody, just due to being uncomfortable and sore most the time. My back is killing me and I can barely sleep! 
Looking forward to: handing up all my college work at the end of year... I just want to get rid of it at this stage!!

Thanks for reading:)
Aisling xo