Friday, 24 April 2015

Bump update & Rant.

I must say, this past two week has been a total roller coaster for me.
Between hospital appointment, doctor appointments, labour and delivery visit, diabetes appointments, countless times of doing blood tests.. AND trying to get getting college work done. I feel like I've been hit by a truck!!! 

I guess it started with a routine doctors check-up which then lead up to being sent to the labour and delivery ward in mullingar. I was severely dehydrated (I didn't know) and my GP was concerned.

So after three hours being in the labour and delivery, they actually found something wrong with my liver. No-one would tell me exactly what was wrong but that i had to come back in a few day to retest.

So another day, another visit to the hospital. They told me that i was still dehydrated but it wasn't as bad as last week, and they did another retest for the liver.

The next day, I then had a scan in the hospital (28week scan) which they told me i wasn't dehydrated anymore (Success). My pregnancy doctor has recently retired so they had a fill-in..... My god I wanted to slap her! 

Ive never met anyone who was just a complete bitch. Even though she was a doctor and should know  what she was doing.. she had no clue.
She asked me did i have this, that test done, which I did since I was the one who gave the blood and she then had the cheek to say i never did!!!!!
If they did there jobs right and stopped losing my blood work, i may actually be able to keep my own blood instead of giving it to ejits who keep losing it!! GRRRRR!!!

I then told her my dates are changed since i went to the private scan.. And she completely ripped me off.. She said that the private scans have crap machines and the hospital is way better that we shouldn't believe anything they say.. blah blah blah.
I was speech-less! The scan was so clear when i was at the 3d scan, that i could even see my baby swallow!

Anyway, then ANOTHER doctor (Yes two doctors trying to do one job) went to scan me...
I couldn't even make out what was the head or foot. The machine was a complete joke! and they had the  cheek to 'dis' the private clinic. HA!

So she shot up. demanding that i go to mullingar for another scan on monday...
I had no idea what was going on.. was there something wrong? why couldn't you scan me now?
and of course i didn't understand her while she was saying why!

It made me so emotional that as soon as I left the room i started to cry. They had my head spinning and now I've to wait to monday to make sure that nothing is wrong?
They will not know whats going to happen when they see me.. I will be one hormonal pregnant bitch demanding the results and for someone to actually tell me what the hell is going on!! :(
Im so sick of being left in the dark when its my own baby! 
Hopefully everything turns out to be okay so I can just enjoy being pregnant!

Wow. That was a long rant :P Oops!
Sorry that you just read me complaining!

anyways.. back to the bump update :)
How far along? 29weeks tomorrow :) HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER!
Weight gain: Ugh, no weight gain at all. the diabetes doctor told me to expect to lose 4-6kg :o yikes!
Maternity clothes: All day. Everyday ;)
Stretch marks? Yes, on my hips :( have no time to moisturise so i will have them by the time the baby is here.
Sleep: Barely any. Im so uncomfortable lately that I'm tossing and turning all night! The baby kicks my bladder and rolls around all night which makes it very hard to sleep haha!
Best moment this week: haven't had such a good week, but hoping next week someone can give me good news for once :)
Miss anything? OMG! Chocolate!!!!! i need it in my life and its so hard not to have any :( i just want one chocolate bar and to sit down and enjoy it :( 
Any movement? such an active baby! I've noticed if i lean on the table or press the baby will kick me in that spot to move me haha! Its so funny :) My sisters seen a kick from the outside which was cool :) 
Food cravings: Nothing strange this week :)
sickness? None THANK YOU!!!
Gender: ;)
Labour signs: Nope!
Symptoms: Heartburn, its so bad even after i drink water :( very tired this week but other than that i can't complain :)
Belly button in or out? In!
Happy or moody most of the time: very emotional, and still get emotional easily!
Looking forward to: finishing college and preparing for baba to make his/her appearance :)
I can't wait to spend time with Kayden and enjoy the last three months of him being an only child! he's staying with me all day, everyday!!

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo