Friday, 29 May 2015

Planning for my hospital bag..

When I was packing my hospital bag when I was pregnant with Kayden, I was given a little list from the hospital to buy.. But this time around I didn't get a list so I'm basically just remembering what I needed and what I didn't need. Plus Pietro can always run and get anything I really need at the time! 

I set a date to have my bag packed by the time I hit 35/36weeks, since I've just turned 34weeks... I need to get my stuff together haha!

We were told from early on that this baby will be small, but the last few week I really think the baby has caught up to it's proper size, and due to having diabetes, babies can be on the big size so I brought everything in 0-3 months just incase. 

I think from around 20 weeks, I just started picking up random things along the way instead of buying everything in a bulk. I thought this would be easier on the 'pocket'.

I have mainly been shopping between Tesco, Pennys, Boots, H&M as they are the closest shops to me.

So far I have picked up mainly everything for the baby and not quite for me as I'm not pushed to shop for myself just yet as my belly will be getting bigger.. yikes!

As for the baby i have got;

5 'Up to one month' grey baby vests. Brought in Tesco! Loving grey these days!!
(Missing one vest due to taking it to college for a project)

3 Muslin clothes. Bought in penny's. Need to get a few more but I think I might wait until I know the gender ;) 

0-3 month size baby vests. I bought a few vests this time around as I couldn't resist the design. I'm a big lover of elephants!!!

Cute elephant design on one of the baby vests! So adorable!!

Picked this little cutie up in Tesco! Kayden had a similar hat with ears so I had to buy one for this baby :)

This little cutie is a four piece outfit.. Sleepsuit, Baby vest, baby hat and bib. This will probably most likely be the first outfit the baby will wear :)

Detail on the bib. 

And the back of the outfit where you can see the bib, vest and hat! cute or what :D? 

This little outfit was brought by my sister for the hospital, Its so adorable. Im only planning on bringing these two outfits to the hospital. As once we know its a boy or girl, Pietro will run down to the shop to buy some pink or blue outfits for the hospital :) The mistake I made with Kayden was that I brought 10 neutral outfits and all I wanted to do was put him in blue to show off that I had a boy. So I know I will want to do the same this time around :) Plus it saves room ;)

And then I brought a few things for me. Even thought I have a lot more to buy!

Two nursing bra's as i'm planning on trying to breastfeed. Kayden and breastfeeding wasn't that successful so I know not to get my hopes up. A friend of mine has given me some advice to follow up and research breastfeeding as she is pretty much a pro at this stage ;). So i'm currently reading a book that I got in eason's. And I will also be bringing that book along to the hospital :)

Another good friend gave me so many water wipes as she won a competition and I am over the moon with them :) They are very expensive but great for the hospital as newborn skin is very sensitive and you would mostly use water to wipe them. Ive also brought cotton balls to clean the cord! 

And finally, for my toiletries; Shampoo & conditioner, Dry shampoo, Body wash, Deodorant and facial wipes. I got all travel size in boots. Just a few things for freshening up and I will also be bringing my makeup bag just incase I feel like looking half decent ;)

I've also stocked up in nappies so I have plenty to do the baby for a few months :)
Ive also purchased breast pads and maternity pads (the not so pleasant side of giving birth LOL)

More things I need to get for the baby;

  • scratch proof mittens
  • baby socks
  • baby cardigan
  • travel size baby wash/shampoo
  • hooded towel
More things I need for myself;
  • Nightdress to deliver baby in
  • Maternity dressing gown
  • maternity pj's x2
  • nursing tank tops
  • undies and socks
  • beach towel
And of course Pietro will come to the rescue if I need anything else ;) 

I'm planning on packing two bags... Labour bag and after labour bag.

So the Labour bag will be packed with just things we will need during labour.. Such as nightdress, dressing gown, socks, undies, baby outfit, baby vest, nappies, hat and toiletries.
and of course, camera, snacks, drinks, and clothes for Pietro incase it's another long labour :)
(Probally have forgotten most things)

And then the after labour will be mostly filled with the rest of the items. 
I'm planning on doing this because I want to carry light. So when I go into Labour I will only grab the Labour bag out of the car and leave the after labour bag there. So when i'm moved to the anenatal ward, pietro will bring in the after labour bag and put the labour bag back in the car to send home to wash :)

Haha that sounds complicated!
But I just gives me more room in the ward and less things to bring home :)

Only 6 weeks left :D !!!

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo