Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dear my sweet little baby...

Dear my sweet little baby,

As I'm writing this, I can feel you move. It's a bittersweet moment as I just can't wait to meet you but don't want to stop feeling those powerful kicks!

I complain a lot about being pregnant, but I'm so blessed to say I'm expecting you in just 8 weeks.
My back is hurting but your kicks make it seem all worth it.

I can't wait to meet you for the first time. To hear you cry while taking in your first breath. 
To touch your little hands, and count your little toes.

It seems crazy that I will be holding you soon, calling you by your name. 

Is it crazy that I'm so in love with someone that I haven't even met? but yet I feel like I know you so well, you don't like when daddy puts his hand on mammy's belly as you stop kicking... You like to show off how powerful your kicks can be at night-time when mammy should be resting... You love the sound of your big brothers voice when he tells you stories about dinosaurs and sheep! When he roars so loud that you kick back!

I can't wait to introduce you to your loving big brother, He will adore you, hold you so gently and ask if you are okay. He will ask why you are crying and want to comfort you. He will love you.

I try and imagine what you will look like, will you look like mammy or daddy? Or be the younger twin of your brother? 
Will you have hair? If you do, is that why mammy had such bad heartburn?
Will you have the same colour eyes as your daddy and brother? Or will you take after your mammy and have brown eyes?

I am completely head over heels for you already, and I'm longing for the day they place you on my chest and for me to kiss your sweet face.

We have 8 weeks left until you change our lives again. 8 weeks to make our home, your home.
Until then, I will cherish every kick, stretch and hiccup as I know I will miss them greatly.

I love you so much little one.
Love, Mammy x