Friday, 3 April 2015

26week update!

How far along? 26weeks :) two more weeks and I'm in my third trimester :D !!
Baby is the size of an eggplant, 9inches long and around 2pounds.
Weight gain: Haven't put on any weight in two weeks, other than.2kg which isn't even a pound, little worried about weight gain as I feel I should be putting on more. Unless my body is waiting for the last trimester to pile them on ;) So its still at 13 pounds weight gain.
Maternity clothes: Guess who went maternity shopping yesterday :D! ME! New Look has lovely summer clothes at the moment. Got three tops and a nice pair of jeans :) Pretty chuffed with what i got. 
I'm usually not the one to go for 'cliché' tops like 'hands of the bump' 'Pregos' but i couldn't resist this time around! might aswell take advantage of this bump while I can, I'm sure i'll miss it once its gone!!
Stretch marks? Ive noticed a few of my old ones are turning more redder :( so pretty sure its the start of them now. Not moisturing as much as i should be so I'm not trying my best to avoid them either! 
Sleep: Its been a hard week of trying to get comfy, between bathroom breaks and dead legs i can hardly get comfy, but as soon as i drift of, I am out for the night! Starting to get harder to get up in the morning :( Kayden comes into my room as cheery as ever 'GOOD MORNING MAMMY' ..... my response ... '5 more minutes'  LOL! he's a gem in the morning, has no problem getting in beside me playing with his toys and reading his books, those extra minutes really do count ;)
Best moment this week: Nothing exciting this week, other than my easter break :) its so nice to be at home with Kayden and not having to worry about college the next day! 
Miss anything? Not really, since I can go for naps with kayden and at home all day, its been a pretty well rested week :)
Any movement? This baby is strong LOL! More kicks over my belly button this week which could mean he/she has turned (Still a lot of time to do so anyway), My belly is starting to move with the kicks so I can actually see when he/she is kicking which is pretty cool :)
Food cravings: Not really, just if i see chocolate... i have to have it haha! 
sickness? Still feeling nausea after showering, woke up this morning feeling a little ill, but i think I woke up to fast LOL :)
Gender: ;)
Labour signs: Nope!
Symptoms: Tiredness, low energy (Get so tired from cleaning the house lately) HEARTBURN!! my god its been crazy lately! I've been feeling pretty great other than that :)
Belly button in or out? In!
Happy or moody most of the time: Both!
Looking forward to: I've my scan tomorrow which I can't wait :) then just enjoying the rest of my easter!! As when i get back to college its going to be cray cray :( 

Thanks for reading :)
Aisling xo