Thursday, 9 April 2015

No bump update this week...

So Saturday just gone I had a mini 3d scan :)

Everything went well, we were shown the legs, feet, hands, heart.. everything :)
and then it came to measuring the baby....

The lady asked what was my due date, when i told her she said no thats wrong.
I didn't know what to say? I asked was I further along or behind..

She then asked what did she predict when we went for a dating scan and I said 18th july.
She then said that was right and that the hospital has the wrong date that when I go back next, I've to tell them.

Which means.... I turn 26weeks tomorrow :( ugh! even thought its only a week, it means its another week to wait :(

So when we went back to measuring the baby with her original date, the baby measured a few days behind which means its a little petite baby weighing 1.8pounds!

I was totally surprised that the baby is small, i really thought this baby was massive since my bump really can't be missed anymore!!

So, I will have to wait to do a bump update until next week! 

But anyway. The scan was amazing! we never went for Kayden so this was a first for us :)

The baby was really stubborn, playing hide and seek with us according to Kayden :)
He/she had its hands up over its face the whole time, i was moving and tossing to try and get the baby to move it's hands but NOPE! haha.

Eventually we got a great picture of it smiling and another with its hands moved away from the face!! YAY! 

Ive no idea whether it looks like a girl or boy but did look like Kayden a little :) 
Made me even more excited to meet this little munchkin :D 

Thanks for reading :)
Aisling xo