Monday, 9 March 2015

Worries, worries, worries!!!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was a little worried about Kayden becoming a big brother...
Will he adjust to a new baby coming into his home?
Would he understand that he's not an only child anymore?
OR mostly.. Will he feel left out?

But as time went on, I seen how he acted with other kids, caring, sharing and always including them in his playtime. He's so good at just walking up to kids and becoming friends!!

He's always been included when it comes to the baby.. he sings, tells stories and kisses my belly so much! And even says "I love the baby" :)

My worries came to a stop when i realised that he will most likely be perfectly fine adapting to a new baby.

But then the question hit me.
Am i ready???

My attention is always on Kayden, He has my full attention.. when it comes to bathing, getting dressed, feeding, playing etc...
Im always there.

And I know that will change SO MUCH having a new baby to care for.

It's scary..
Im scared that Kayden will feel left out because I can't give him my full attention anymore!!
Its so hard to put into words on how much I worry about Kayden being left out or how he feels towards me not giving him my full attention!

Of course we will have our moments that i will make sure will happen! 
We will still enjoy our crafts time.. painting, drawing etc
We still will cuddle on the couch watching TV or in bed in the morning.
and of course if he asks me for little things, i'll be there!

It's worrying to me, will I love this baby as much as I love kayden?
How could i love someone else as much as I love kayden? 
It sounds so silly that i think about this.. LOL!

But hey! Its worrying becoming a momma for the second time :)
I want Kayden to still feel like he's loved as much as he is now when the baby comes!

I do plan on buying "A big brother" present, and the baby will be giving him a little gift too!
I'm looking forward for him to come see the baby for the first time, it's exciting!!
How will he react? Will he know it's his little brother or sister??

Im sure everything will work out, and all my worries will fade! 
But as of now.. I need to work on preparing myself to be a momma of two! 

Thanks for reading
Aisling xo