Monday, 2 March 2015

What NOT to say to a pregnant woman!!

Since becoming pregnant, and the news coming out. I've had my fair share of unusual questions/comments thrown at me.

Some funny, but others that i wouldn't even dare ask haha!!

Number 1. Was it planned?/Was it meant to happen?
Hahahaha. Do you want to know the time and place as well??

Number 2. Do you need two plates? as you are feeding for two.
Nope. one plate will do. thanks!
Ive recently had a man ask if i needed two plates. I think he would of had a heart attack if I told him I wasn't pregnant! LOL

Number 3. Gosh! Two kids. you will have your hands full.
I'm pretty sure I will be fine with two kids LOL! Sure isn't parenthood just a breeze ;)

Number 4. I hope it's a girl!!!
This is pretty annoying. Just because I have a boy doesn't mean that I should have a girl! what would you say if it was a boy? Ahh you should try again for a girl. NOPE! Boy or Girl, I don't mind as long as its healthy :) 

Number 5. How are you feeling?
This makes me laugh. I could either tell you I'm perfectly fine, feeling great. or tell you I feel sick most the time, I'm now a picky eater so I'm usually moody if i don't eat. Im pretty hormonal at times and i don't sleep at night :) but yes, I'm grand not a bother :)

Number 6. You should do this/that, try this/that.
When people feel the need to tell you what to use or do when your pregnant. 

Number 7. You look really well.
Oh? So I didn't look well when i wasn't pregnant.....

Number 8. Are you gaining enough weight?

Number 9. Can I touch your bump/Touching of the belly...
Pet peeve!!! I barely let Pietro touch it, I'm hardly going to let everybody else touch it. 
I usually scream in my head "GET YOUR HAND OF MY BUMP"

Number 10. Any weird cravings?
I wouldn't say not ask this, its just that not everyone gets weird cravings like eating coal or smelling paper. But every pregnancy is different!

So yeah, this was pretty much of a little rant, Im pretty sure most woman experience this... or just me :) LOL

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo