Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The News Is Out!!

So the news is out!!!!

Im expecting my second child this summer! I couldn't be more excited to be a momma of two! its gunna be crazy LOL!

Kayden will soon turn 3 when the baby arrives, which i think is a good age to be promoted to big brother ;)!!

He doesn't truly understand, yet he knows mammy has a baby in her belly and he has seen the baby numerous of times at scans. He constantly says he loves the baby and rubs my belly, even kisses it saying goodnight (which melts my heart) but who knows, we will see once they meet if its true sibling love ;)

I am about 17 or 18 weeks along, my dates are all mixed up at the moment but should sort that out at my next hospital appointment. :)

We ARE NOT finding out the gender.. I prefer to leave it as a surprise but i have had times where i just want to know. 

This pregnancy by far is completely different to Kayden's. I'm more sick, between morning sickness and general sicknesses (colds, coughs, fever) I seem to be a major target in that area haha.

Ive no cravings so far, just the odd time i'd prefer certain foods to others. Ive seem to gone of any kind of meat, but love salty or sour things. My sweet tooth has come on.. Wanting chocolate a lot! or even just need something sweet after a meal.

College is a bit tough at the moment due to me being sick constantly, but I'm praying that will change soon!! I still plan on graduating this october. With a bit of luck!!!!

Fingers crossed this sickness passes soon and i can carry on with my studies and prepare for baby number two! Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and congrats. It means a lot!

Thanks for reading
Aisling xo