Sunday, 1 June 2014


Hey guys!

I was thinking of a blog post and thought to myself that i have done a toddler update in a very long time!

AGE: He is 1year & 10months as of today! another 2 months and he will be 2 :(

WEIGHT: Kayden was about 2 stone last month. Didn't get a chance to weight him this month yet.

HEIGHT: He is 33inches :) We actually got a wall sticker in Ikea that is a measuring chart! I love it! Great purchase!

SLEEPING: He sleeps straight through the night. Will go down after 9 and then will wake up around 9 also. If we are away for the day and he gets a late nap, he will go down later than usual but I wouldn't say he has a strict bedtime. Its usually around 9! And also he is in his own room which i think helps him sleep a lot better. as of recently he's nap time has been abandon a little, every now and again he does skip naps! which I'm going to find it hard to adjust as it is mammy time and i get most of the cleaning, washing and dinner done when he naps :(

TEETH: He has all his teeth apart from his four eye teeth, which i have noticed are just sitting above /below his gums, so in no time he will have them four! I was actually wondering when to bring him to the dentist as he does have a lot of teeth... I'm not sure though, he won't let the dentist go near him haha!

PLAYING: He very good at playing on his own when it is just him, but he also loves playing with other kids! Kayden is OBSESSED with football! like I mean obsessed. Its crazy how good he is at kicking the football and playing rugby for his age. There is no doubt he will be a sporty child, which means lots and lots of matches for Mammy & Daddy to go too :) 

PERSONALITY: Kayden is mostly a very happy toddler, but of course he has his tantrums and bursts of moodiness now and again. but it is easy to bring him away for the day or just stay at home! he loves his outings but is at that stage of not wanting to be in the buggy and wants to run around which is normal, but as a football fan he likes to dive onto the floor & it can get frustrating to get him to walk along side you! but I'm sure he will learn :)

CURRENT CLOTHING SIZE: He is currently in 1 1/2 year - 2 year clothing! he has a very narrow waist so most jeans/trousers might not fit him as well at his tops do! he is also outgrowing a size6 shoe!

DIAPER SIZE: Size 5/5+ at the moment.

WORDS: He will try to copy anything you say so i would say that his vocabulary is very good! i can't remember the words he says as there is many of them! but altogether he is good at talking and learning now to put words together such as "kick it" "Thank you" etc.. he can say please but will rarely say it lol!

RECENT MILESTONES: a bit TMI but he recently just figured out when he is going toilet, such as if he needs a "Poo" he will tell me! which is a great step to potty training! he understands you completely now, if you ask him to do something he will do it etc! Also i have introduced "Time Out" which is basically a corner that he stands in if he is acting up or not doing what is is told! basically we give him a warning first, and then if he doesn't listen, its timeout! Ive been trying to do a minute to his age, so its 1minute right now, and then i add a minute if it continues. After his time out Kayden will come over and say sorry with a hug a kiss and i remind him that It wasn't nice and thats why he went to time out.

So that is this months update! thanks for reading :)
Aisling xo