Saturday, 4 January 2014


Hey Guys :)
Hope everyone's Christmas & New Year's was as good as mine :)

Kayden did sleep through the new year but that is because he is so young! Poor sod, he slept great that night despite all the noise LOL!

So, recently i seen this "Baby Momma/daddy Tag"
I thought i would do it for my blog, seems pretty cool :)

Question1. What is your son/daughter's name and how old are they?
My son is called Kayden (as most of you know, LOL) & he is 17months old :)

Question2. Do you have any nickname for your son/daughter?
Eh, I actually don't, believe it or not. Unless K-man is counted LOL. 

Question3. Do you like being a Mom?
Yeah i do :), Its great having a little mini-me. I honestly don't mind feeding/changing/bathing, It's great :) seeing all his milestones, saying he's my little boy :')!! 
But, you do have them tantrums LOL!

Question4. What's worst, being spit-up or dirty nappies?
I can honestly say, it's the smell of the dirty nappies haha!!

Question5. Who does the most work? Mom or Dad?
Kayden's is always with me except when in college so i can say i do more work ;)

Question6. What was it like when your Son/Daughter was born?
Ehh, painful LOL But my memory is so fussy, i was so drugged up! When he was placed on me, i was so scared to touch him & i fell asleep while doing skin to skin haha! 

Question7. What is the coolest thing your Son/Daughter has done?
Omg, i can't pin-point!! he's done amazing things.. between walking and talking.. kicking the footballs, climbing his chair and sitting on it! feeding himself.. he's done so much!

Question8. Do you have a Nappy Routine?
Well, i guess. when he wakes up in the morning, before nap-time/after nap-time, and before bed. (&whenever it's a dirty one, or a very full one)

Question9. What dreams or ambitions do you have for your Son/Daughter?
I would love if he filled his dad's dream for playing rugby for Ireland! It would be great to watch him on T.V! I want him to be happy, and to know what the meaning of family is! I will be a proud momma of him no matter what :)

Question10. Describe your Son/Daughter in one word?
Omg, ONE WORD? haha. I would say, Adorable! He's big blue eyes are just Adorable!!

Thanks for Reading!
Aisling xo