Saturday, 28 December 2013


Hey Guys!
Hope everyone has a great christmas & what they wanted :)
Kayden ended up being sick on christmas day :( Poor baby!!

He wasn't too sure about the presents laid out from Santa, wasn't too impressed with his Mammy & Daddy for waking him up either!

So the morning started of around half 8, we woke up Kayden because we couldn't sleep any longer LOL! He wasn't too impressed, so we fed him upstair and i headed to get my camera to record him walking in..

He literally just stood there.. eventually waked up to the presents and found sweets and money HAHA!

HE opened the pressents and played with some, and i put him back to bed as he was unwell, he slept until 12.. which gave us time to get ready and head to My parents for dinner.

We sat down and opened out family presents and kayden get spoilt with footballs and chocolate!!

The rest of the family came over and we sat down for dinner and dessert and then went to open out Kris Kringle! 

Kayden went to bed at 7pm, and slept the whole night and woke at 9.30am! The day exhausted him, but he had so much fun!! 

So, here is the video & Pictures from the day :)

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo