Friday, 20 December 2013


Hey guys!

So, This year i've been a bit nervous bringing Kayden to see santa.
Last year, he was so young and didn't have a clue what to do.

But as he is that much older, and does make strange to a few people. I knew the red suit and the facial hair would go down well with him.

Well, Last weekend we decided to bring him to see santa. I wanted to go up to Liffey Valley as it was meant to be good, but that didn't go to plan and we headed to Newbridge instead.

We went to Newbridge last year too, and I don't mind paying a bit for a picture because its a nice memory to have.
We walked up to the grotto and found that it was different, infact it was free to walk up and talk to santa and have a picture taken! (GREAT!!)

So we walked up the little path towards Santa, I was talking to kayden the whole time trying to ease him upto it. Santa was talking to a few kids before us so Kayden was just looking, taking it all in.

The kids walked off, and it was Kaydens time.
LOL it didn't go well, Kayden wasn't impressed and Santa was fairly awkward!!

Santa asked what Kayden's name was..... then turned to me and told me to take a picture!

I was like SERIOUSLY!! there was no, what do you want from santa? have you been a good boy?

I was so disappointed :( 
He made no effort in making kayden feel welcome or even spoke to Kayden himself! 
I will certainly be paying for a visit from now on, I was really looking forward to the whole experince myself!

Atleast the picture was a good one!

Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo