Monday, 23 December 2013


Happy Eve of Christmas Eve Folks :)!

So Kayden turned 16months about two/three weeks ago & I never did an Update.

AGE: 16months/1year & 4months

WEIGHT: 24pounds. Which is perfect for his age and gender :)!!

HEIGHT: He is 80cm/31.5inches, Which is right on track :)

SLEEPING: Omg, Sleeping? what is that?! He now tends to wake up at a certain time in the morning.. Not sure if its hunger or pain from teething but he doesn't sleep all night! Momma is exhausted :(!

TEETH: 8 teeth :) !! So in the last month he has had three cut through, and currently working on more.. Uh Oh! 

PLAYING: Same old really, but very fond of playing "Catch", not sure that the other kids understand as he just shouts CATCH and throws the ball at them LOL! He's very into Rugby now, Even when it's on tele.. he will just stand in one spot for the whole match just watching.. Typical little boy :) Loves playing with his Auntie Sinead!!

PERSONALITY: Happy chappy :), but is now having such bad tantrums!! Oh my, He tends to have them if i say "No" or when he doesn't get his way.. but other than that he is a happy little boy, would make anyone smile. Such a chatter box now, from the moment he's awake until he falls asleep.

CURRENT CLOTHING SIZE: defiantly will be in 18-24months by the end of this month!!! Growing so much :(

DIAPER SIZE: Size 4/4+ he wears pampers nappies. Hasn't changed in a while (has such a skinny waist)

WORDS: Cheese, Kick, Boo and Bird. He can say letters too, "H" "S" .. Still working on ABC's

RECENT MILESTONES: He is getting so smart it's crazy, He now tells me he wants to go to bed when he's tired, He can now get his doddies and bottle when i ask him too, will wave night night at everyone. He knows where the bath is, and will ask to have one. He taps the couch to sit on it! he will sit on the floor when you ask him (Brilliant when i'm taking pictures LOL) started to bum shuffle which is the funniest thing to look at LOL! he pulls faces, sticks out his tongue and rolls his eyes haha!

So that is pretty much his month summed up, he turns 17months on the 1st January!!

I will have a blog up of his christmas day, much likely a picture blog!
Thanks for reading!
Aisling xo