Friday, 6 December 2013


Hey Guys,
As most of you know, I love Art and always have.. so of course I want Kayden to love art too.

I'm also trying to get kayden to draw, and paint..
So, I've been thinking of getting crafty and making toddler art & craft blogs!
It will be a tricky task to cover!

Today, Myself & Kayden are on our own, So it's prefect to start the blogs!

Over the past week or so, i've been thinking of christmas decorations, I would love for Kayden to make some that we could keep and hang on the christmas tree!

I decided to make a Christmas tree out of his hands :)
Tricky with a toddler that wont keep still LOL
So here we go...

Things you need; Green paper, Pencil, Rubber, Scissors (For adult use only) and finger paints. it would also be handy if you have baby wipes and newspaper!


 Step one: Place, newspaper around the area you are working. Place the toddler hand on the green paper & Draw around the toddlers hand, repeat five more times. If the toddler can draw anround her/his hand themselves, even better :)!!

Step 2: (Adult) cut around the pencil lines, as you can see below. repeat for the rest of hands.

Step 3: When all the hands are cut out, the toddler can now finger paint. Kayden did dots, he copied what i did. You can use what ever colours and design you want.

Step 4: things can get messy around now, the baby wipes will come in handy. Clean hands, clean the area around. (For me, i find its better to clean as you go) after you clean, Use pritt-stick to stick them in the design you would like them to go. The way i glued, was so the fingers looked like branches.

as you can see below, i glued them together aound half way on the hand.

Step 5: After the tree is all glued. i them cute out the bottom of the christmas tree with a box that looks like a present, (Last minute decision) The painted.

 Step 6: I then glued them together, and wrote "Kayden's Second Christmas" and punched a hole on top, i then treaded some tread and hung it up on the tree

Finished product! 

And that's it. Sorry if you find my directions on how to go about making this. I'm not good at explaining LOL.
Thanks for reading
Aisling xo