Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas & College Update!

Hey Guys :)

I'm So Excited!

This year it's Kayden's second christmas, which is scary. The time is going way to fast.
Last Christmas, We spent christmas eve in my parent's house, waking up on christmas day to lots of presents from santa!
Then went over to Pietro's Parents for christmas dinner and spent the night there as it was Kayden's Auntie's Last christmas together before she headed off to Australia!!

This year, we will be spending Christmas eve in Pietro's parents house waking up Christmas Day to santa :) then heading to my parent's house where we will have family dinner. 
We are having a very BIG family dinner this year, as my grand-parents will be joining, My uncle and his fiancé are flying over from England, and also his fiancé Mum is also coming.

Hopefully next Christmas we will have our own house so we don't need to travel so must, as it is very exhausting, especially since we have a little toddler to think about.

Christmas Shopping is nearly done, have a few more bits to get. I'm so proud of myself for being so organised this year, Last year I think i was even shopping on christmas eve.. which I HATE! so busy and everyone stressed and rushing. 

This weekend, We are putting up the decorations up in my parents house, I think we are the last people to put them up in my estate LOL!
So, I will be doing family photo-shoots, and of course of Kayden on his own too.

Right now, College is being so time-consuming. Everything is due next week, and I have to put my end of semester portfolio together.
I have also be giving a week extension for a brief, it's the first extension I've asked for, and pretty bummed about it because i hate being behind other classmates.
It was a week where I had two presentations, a brief due, and that brief due.. I just had to ask for an extension.. It was hard to get everything done with a toddler. 

But, i'm on track now! YAY!
Kayden putting up the star in Pietro's Parents house. 

My Advent Calender :)

One of my briefs design.

Last week at Diversity.

So, that my christmas & college update.
Thanks for reading
Aisling xo