Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Hey Guys :)!!
So I haven't really done an update on Kayden, so I thought I would give it a go :)

AGE: 15months/1year & 3months

WEIGHT: Last time I weighted him, was about two weeks ago... he was 1stone and 7pounds. 
(I Think! LOL)

HEIGHT: Honestly, haven't a clue LOL, he is way too wiggly to measure, but i'll try for the next one :)

SLEEPING: Currently, not that well. I honestly don't know why he is waking up. Some nights are good, some nights are very bad! Hopefully it is just a phase!!

TEETH: 5 teeth in total, two on top & three on bottom. They seem to be taking their time...

PLAYING: He is so good playing with his toys, he'll just go and toddle of and grab a football and play catch or kick it around! 

PERSONALITY: He is one cheeky little toddler, the looks and the attitude from such a small person is unbelievable.. he's at the stage of seeing how far he can go without being told off.. and starting to ignore the word "No" but honestly he is such a happy chap, would make you smile just by looking at you. just a chatter box, will blabber on & on! 

CURRENT CLOTHING SIZE: Well, 12-18 in most clothes. but getting into 18-24, he had a narrow waist, so its so hard to get jeans to fit him. his upper body is bigger so it mostly depends on the shop!. 
I usually shop in Pennys, Tesco & H&M.. 

DIAPER SIZE: Size 4/4+ he wears pampers nappies. 

WORDS: Dad, Catch, Thanks, Eye, "Ahhh Da". Last week I asked him what was he going to call me... mam, mammy, mum... and he answered "MAAA" -_- cheeky boy! but he will not say mama even if you had chocolate.. & I know he can say it, because he says it when i'm not around! Its like he knows...

RECENT MILESTONES: Hmmm... He has recently learnt to take a few steps before kicking a ball. he is starting to copy what you say! which is cute but scary (Have to keep an eye on what I say)!! He has all his injections done, until he is in School! He knows how to turn on the iPhone, and swipe pictures on the iPad... techno baby!!! He is currently learn how to feed himself, he can put the spoon in the bowl and then to his mouth, but can't grasp getting the food on the spoon LOL. But in time he will learn :). 

Thanks for reading!!
Aisling xo


Amy Loonam said...

The second last picture is beautiful :) such a gorgeous baba!