Monday, 18 November 2013


Hey Guys!!
It's been a while since i've blogged.. College is catching up on me again! Only three weeks left and i'm on my holidays :) YAY!

So i thought i'd do a 'Relationship After A Baby' blog..

It took a while to get Pietro to come around to the idea of this blog... and we had no idea on what questions to ask ourselves!

But here goes...

Q1. How do you think our relationship is after having Kayden?
Pietro: I don't know.. I don't think we have changed really. We still get along great, but we can get under each others skin, we are around each other nearly everyday, and we know how to annoy eachother.. We are defiantly stronger than before, like as a couple! we still have fun, like were serious.. but not serious if you get me? 
Aisling: Well, i think we have got to be closer than before.. like the process of having a baby together, that we made... we bonded over it and no-one can take that away from us (bit soppy!!) we have more fun, defiantly with a baby as wired as Kayden! keeps us on our toes.

Q2. Do you get in fights on how to raise Kayden?
Pietro: No usually we agree on most stuff.. if it came up in the conversation either one of us would agree. its hard to explain, but we have the same idea on how to raise him.
Aisling: I wouldn't say fight.. like disagreements but we rarely have them.. and if we do, it wouldn't be about Kayden :)

Q3. What's the main topic that you disagree or agree on the most?
Aisling: We usually disagree on money, like if i wanted to go shopping.. Pietro would say no, i dont need clothes etc etc LOL like i get time to go shopping.. i online shop ;) HAH!! We agree on nearly everything.. not being fake, we just don't take things to heart, which is a good thing in a relationship!!!
Pietro: I actually can't remember anything we agree or disagree on.. its so little at the time that it just slips my mind LOL!

Q4. What's the plans for the future?
Aisling: Moving out of my parents house... probably wont happen anytime soon, but it will eventually! finish college, (Year and a half left!!!) maybe get more qualifications, would love to do makeup and photography! also maybe set up a little job in photography.
Pietro: Also move out.. maybe get a better job, one that will allow me to spend more time with kayden and that had good pay.. more money is always good!! LOL

I've ran out of questions :( .. if anyone wants to ask any questions on anything at all, comment below :)
But yeah, that's us!

Thanks for reading
Aisling xo