Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sephora Haul

So while I was in Austraila, we visited Melbourne too of course to see my Uncle and his darling Wife! And while I was researching shops to visit in Austraila it showed Sephora was in Melbourne.... Ahhhh!

So of course I asked my uncle to go... He hesitated to say the least HAHA but my amazing cousin showed me the way and basically made my life bringing me to the store!

So yes, I brought a lot! But most of the things were out of stock 😩 Such as Kat Von D, Zoeva, Anastasia Beverly Hills and most of the Sephora brushes!

So here we go 😍

First up, the brand Tarte. I've heard so many things about this brand and as it was the first I seen so I went start for the counter.
I picked up a blush, in the shade "captivating" it's a gorgeous deep peach which is perfect for summer, I wanted a bronze/brown blush but of course it was out of stock 😩

I then had to pick up the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, in black of course. I wore this once so far, and it's amazing. Separates your lashes amazingly and gives you the full volume effect which is what I need in a mascara as I have barely any lashes!

I picked up a few palettes, one being a gift to my sister. A contour palette and I must say she's lucky I gave it to her because I would of totally kept it! It was fab. A gorgeous bronze, blush and a fab highlight. Perfect for teenagers! The second palette I picked up was the "Energy Noir" palette. Mainly taupes and purples but very out of my comfort zone. It does have a gorgeous blush which I've lost the name of. Perfect for summer too!

And finally, the last palette has to be my fav from the haul, the "tartelette in bloom" wow, just wow, it's amazing and smells so good! The mix of shimmer and mattes are just great, the pigment is fab and the colours are what I crave! Just can't get enough of this palette! Definitely my go-to from now on!!

Next up, is of course Anastasia Beverly Hills, I picked up the powder contour kit in light to medium. Of course I had to get it, it was calling my name! I wanted to pick up a brow wiz and the dip brow but of course they were sold out in my shade too, I was very disappointed! One of the things I really wanted to pick up.

Other brands I wanted was Kat Von D, the contour palette and the concealer was sold out. But I guess it wasn't meant to be 😞

I also picked up the BeautyCleanser!!!! And wow... I used this as soon as I got home and my god it's amazing, not only did it make my Beauty blender like new but it was amazing in my brushes too and you don't need much product at all! But of course you can purchase that in boots now. Which I didn't realise. As well 😅

I had to get some Sephora brushes, but the only ones I found were an eyeshadow set, basically has your top 4 brushes! So soft and it blends the eyeshadows so well!

And of course, when I seen Becca I went straight for the Jaclyn hill "champagne pop" highlighter. Let's just say, it's to die for. The pigment, the glow!!! Ahh it's amazing! I brought one for my sister too, and I picked up the under eye brightener which I've tried and yes, it's a need for those tired mumma eyes LOL!!

So I did some damage, but I could of done more! I actually have started a list on what to get when I return LOL!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any "have to try's" from Sephora please let me know!
Aisling xo


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